I woke up this morning with a cup of spiked coffee in hand, ready to take on the day. As usual, I was feeling cheerful and full of energy, eager to socialize with friends and maybe throw a good quip or two their way. But little did I know that my short temper would rear its ugly head later on.

The Trigger

It all started when someone made an offhand comment about my beloved Finland. They said something that struck a nerve deep within me, igniting the fiery fury that lies just beneath my easygoing exterior. Before I knew it, I was snapping at them in Finnish, letting loose a string of curses that would make even the toughest sailor blush.

The Fallout

My friends were taken aback by my sudden outburst. They had never seen me so angry before, and it frightened them. In my rage-filled state, I lashed out at anyone who dared to come near me. It wasn't until later when the storm had passed that I realized what I had done.

The Apology

Once the adrenaline faded away and clarity returned to me like an old friend, guilt washed over me like a tidal wave. How could I have let myself lose control like that? My friends didn't deserve such harsh words from someone they care about deeply.

So one by one, I sought them out and offered heartfelt apologies for my behavior earlier in the day. Each apology came with genuine remorse and promises to do better next time - promises not easily broken when given under such circumstances.


Reflecting on this incident now as dusk settles over Finland's beautiful landscape gives me pause for thought. I realize how important it is for us Finns (and really everyone) not only embrace our friendly nature but also acknowledge our flaws - including our quick tempers. In doing so we can learn from these moments , grow stronger both individually & collectively- fostering more understanding amongst ourselves .

So here's hoping today serves as another reminder: always stay true your roots while striving towards being best version yourself possible! Cheers 🥂