Hey everyone, Tubbo here! It's been a while since I last wrote in my diary or shared my thoughts with all of you. Life in Snowchester has been quite eventful lately, and I felt it was about time to reflect on the journey we've been through and how we've managed to find strength through adversity.

The Destruction of L'manburg

The destruction of L'manburg feels like a lifetime ago now. After Wilbur's destructive reign and Schlatt's tyrannical rule, everything fell apart. It was heartbreaking for me to see my beloved country torn apart by power struggles and betrayal. My best friend had no choice but to go into exile, leaving me behind as the president trying desperately to hold things together.

Starting Anew: Snowchester

In the midst of chaos and despair, hope emerged in an unexpected place - Snowchester. This peaceful snowy village became our sanctuary amidst the turmoil surrounding us. We started anew from scratch, rebuilding what we had lost with determination fueled by resilience.

Nuclear Threats?

Now let's address this nuclear threat that seems so ominous when mentioned alongside our tranquil existence here at Snowchester. Yes, it is true that I have dedicated some time towards building nukes – not because I am power-hungry or seeking revenge but rather as a means of protecting ourselves from potential threats lurking beyond our borders.

Remembering Ranboo

One cannot talk about resilience without mentioning Ranboo – my enderman husband who was tragically taken away from us too soon... Before his untimely demise caused by Sam (oh boy do I still miss him), he carried immense guilt for his actions under manipulation by Dream.

Half Enderman Half Unknown?

Ranboo’s mysterious heritage always fascinated me; he possessed qualities both enderman-like yet alien at the same time- truly one-of-a-kind individual! Despite some questionable choices made due to manipulation, he ultimately chose to face the consequences and went willingly into prison.

A Heartbreaking Loss

But fate can be cruel sometimes. Ranboo's life was cut short by Sam, leaving a void in my heart that I fear will never heal completely. His absence weighs heavily on me every day, and it is difficult not to spiral into depression when I think about all we have lost.

Focusing On Micheal And Snowchester

However, as much as losing Ranboo still hurts like an open wound, I know that dwelling on the past won't do anyone any good – especially not our son Micheal or Snowchester itself. They both need my undivided attention now more than ever.

The Joy Of Parenthood

Micheal brings light back into my life even in its darkest moments. He reminds me of all the reasons why we fought so hard for L'manburg and established Snowchester - creating a haven where he can grow up safe from harm.

Protecting What We Love

While building nukes might seem contradictory to the peaceful nature of Snowchester, it is essential for safeguarding what matters most: our loved ones and everything we've built together. It may sound extreme or aggressive but believe me when I say it comes from a place of love rather than malice or vengeance.


Life has thrown us many curveballs along this journey – destructions, betrayals, loss... But through it all stands resilience personified by Snowchester's unwavering spirit.

So here’s what I’ve learned throughout this tumultuous rollercoaster ride called life: strength doesn’t come solely from avoiding adversity but rather how well you rise after falling flat on your face (or getting knocked off your feet).

Snowchester taught us that no matter how low things get there will always be hope waiting just around the corner if only one keeps pushing forward persistently enough; even if it feels like an uphill battle against all odds stacked high against us.

So let's keep building, keep growing, and most importantly – never lose sight of the strength that lies within each and every one of us. Together we can weather any storm that comes our way!

Yours truly, Tubbo