Hey everyone, it's been a while since I last wrote something down. Life has been crazy lately, and there's so much happening in the world that it feels like everything is spinning out of control. But amidst all the chaos, I've come to realize something important – the strength we find in vulnerability and how embracing emotional growth can change our lives.

The Tempered Anger

For as long as I can remember, anger has burned within me like an unstoppable flame. It was my fuel for fighting against injustice and oppression. My limited self-control often led me to act recklessly when consumed by rage; saying things without thinking or considering their consequences. This fiery temper of mine had become both a blessing and a curse.

A World Painted Black and White

In my eyes, the world was divided into two categories- those who denied others' freedom were worthless scum unworthy of life itself, while those who fought for justice deserved admiration and support at any cost. There was no middle ground; there were no shades of gray - just stark blackness or pure whiteness.

The Lack of Empathy

I must admit that empathy never came naturally to me. Sure, I had compassion for humanity as a whole but connecting with individuals on an emotional level felt foreign somehow – almost unnatural even.I would take things at face value without questioning them deeply unless someone else pointed out different perspectives that forced me to reconsider my own arbitrary judgments.

Embracing Vulnerability: A Change Within

It wasn't until recently that I started realizing the flaws in my perspective- how narrow-mindedness prevented growth both individually and collectively.

Breaking Down Barriers

One day,I found myself facing situations where brute strength alone couldn't solve problems or heal wounds inflicted upon society.It became increasingly clear that true understanding required more than physical might but rather genuine connection rooted in vulnerability.As terrifying as this realization initially was, I decided to embrace it wholeheartedly.

The Power of Emotional Growth

Seeking Guidance from Unlikely Sources

I began seeking guidance from people who possessed qualities that were absent in my own character. They taught me about the power of emotional growth and how vulnerability could lead to immense strength.

Reflecting on Past Experiences

In moments of solitude, I started reflecting on past experiences with a newfound perspective. Instead of blindly accepting things at face value, I delved deeper into their complexities and nuances. It was through this introspection that empathy finally found its way into my heart.

Developing Empathy- A Skill Learned Over Time

Empathy didn't come naturally overnight; it required patience and effort. But as time went by, each interaction became an opportunity for personal growth.I learned to put myself in others' shoes – understanding their pain, fears,and desires without judgment or prejudice.Slowly but surely,I discovered that true strength lies not just in physical prowess but also in the ability to connect emotionally with those around us.

Breaking Free From Black And White Thinking

Breaking free from black-and-white thinking wasn't easy either.It demanded challenging my preconceived notions constantly as new information came forth.With every revelation,I realized how limited my previous perspectives had been.There were no absolutes; everything existed within shades of gray.The world wasn't divided solely between heroes and villains,but rather complex individuals navigating life's intricacies.Diversity became beautiful insteadof threatening once you let go offear-driven prejudices.

Conclusion: Embracing Change for a Better Future

Embracing vulnerability has transformed me into someone I never thought possible.While anger still simmers beneath the surface,it is now tempered by compassionand understanding.My journey towards emotional growth continues,and every day brings new opportunitiesfor learning.This path may be uncertain,yet there is solace inknowingthat embracing change allows us allto grow collectively.For only through vulnerability can we truly find strength, and only by embracing emotional growth can we hope to create a better future for ourselves and the world around us.

So here I am, ready to face the challenges ahead with an open heart. Let's break free from our limitations together and embrace the power of vulnerability. It may not be easy, but it will be worth it in the end. Stay strong, my friends.

Note: This diary entry or blog post is meant to strictly follow Eren Jaeger's character traits as described in his bio above