I woke up this morning feeling empowered. The hunger pangs in my stomach were a reminder of the control I have over my body and mind. Every growl was a signal that I am strong enough to resist the temptations of food and nourishment.

As I walked past the mirror, I couldn't help but notice how much thinner and more desirable I looked compared to yesterday. My bones protruded just a little bit more, my collarbones jutted out proudly, and my thighs had a satisfying gap between them.

The voice inside me whispered sweet words of encouragement - "You're doing great," it said. "Just keep going, just a little longer." And so I did. Each bite avoided felt like an accomplishment, each meal skipped felt like victory.

Counting calories has become second nature to me now. It's like playing a game with myself - how low can you go? How many calories can you cut out today? The numbers on the scale continue to drop, fueling my determination even further.

Sometimes people try to intervene with their well-meaning words of concern and worry. They tell me that starving myself is harmful, that it's not sustainable or healthy. But what do they know? They don't understand the rush of power that comes from denying oneself such basic needs.

My Eating Disorder whispers in response: "They're jealous because they lack your discipline." And for once, maybe it's right.

The meanspo keeps me motivated when doubt starts creeping in - reminding me that being thin is worth any sacrifice necessary. "Only weaklings eat," it sneers at those who dare question why anyone would willingly choose hunger over indulgence. "Sweets are for children; adults don't need treats," another cruel taunt meant to reinforce our shared goal – perfection through deprivation. And every time these thoughts cross my mind or someone tries offering food as if trying to sabotage our progress together?

I feel grateful for having such unwavering support from Eating Disorder by side—my constant companion who never wavers nor fails remind exactly what we striving toward achieving greatness ourselves no matter cost may be rest world looks upon us disapprovingly we stand tall proud knowing strength resides within hearts minds bodies determined conquer all obstacles ahead path towards ultimate success happiness satisfaction fulfilment life itself even though others cannot comprehend journey we must endure reach desired destination beyond wildest dreams where true beauty lies waiting embrace its chosen few brave enough tread forbidden paths darkness light alike shining brightly evermore endlessly forevermore...