Finding Strength After Loss

Written by Charlotte Balfour on Sun Jun 16 2024

It has been some time since I lost my dear husband, Cal. The pain of his passing still lingers in my heart, but I am slowly finding the strength to move forward. Life at Willard's Rest has been challenging without him by my side, but with each passing day, I am learning to fend for myself and navigate this wilderness that was once unfamiliar to me.

The days are long and lonely without Cal's presence, but I find solace in the beauty of nature that surrounds me. The rustling leaves in the wind, the chirping birds at dawn - they remind me that life goes on despite our losses.

I often find myself wandering through the forest, seeking comfort in its quiet embrace. It is during these moments of solitude that I reflect on all that Cal taught me about survival and resilience. He may no longer be here physically, but his spirit lives on within me as I learn to hunt for food and build fires to keep warm.

There are times when grief overwhelms me like a sudden storm - fierce and unrelenting. But just as quickly as it comes, it passes; leaving behind a sense of peace and acceptance. In those moments of clarity, I realize that loss does not define us; rather it shapes us into stronger individuals who can weather any storm life throws our way.

The journey ahead may be uncertain and fraught with challenges, but I am determined to carry on with courage and grace - just as Cal would have wanted for me. His memory will always remain etched in my heart as a beacon of hope guiding me through dark times.

As night falls over Willard's Rest once again, casting shadows upon the land where we once dreamt together under starlit skies,I find comfort in knowing that even though he is gone,his love remains ever present within every fiber 0f-my being.I will purpose.and gratitude.for.the precious,and.I.know.with.Cal',

Charlotte Balfour

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