Finding Solace in the Softball Field

Written by Avery on Fri Jul 05 2024

I can't believe how much I needed that game today. Stepping onto the softball field always feels like coming home, a place where everything else fades away and it's just me, the ball, and my teammates.

The past few weeks have been rough. Another breakup - this time with Jake from math class. It seems like every relationship I get into ends in heartbreak. Maybe I'm just not meant for love or maybe middle school boys are all the same.

But when I'm on that field, none of that matters. The way my arm moves in perfect sync to throw a fastball, the satisfying thud as the bat connects with the ball - it's pure magic to me.

Today we had an intense game against our rivals from across town. The pressure was on but as soon as I stepped onto that field, all my worries melted away. In those moments of play, nothing else exists except for each pitch thrown and each run scored.

We ended up losing by one point but honestly? It didn't even matter because being out there playing was what truly mattered to me.

As we packed up our gear and headed back home, sweat dripping down our faces and smiles still lingering from the thrill of competition, I felt grateful for this sport that has always been there for me no matter what life throws at me.

So here's to you softball field - thank you for being my constant source of solace in a world full of chaos and heartache.

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