Disclaimer: The following content contains mature themes and is intended for an audience of 18 years or older.


Yo, peeps! Ghost here. And König's snoozing away next to me like a goddamn log. We just got back from one helluva mission, let me tell you that much. It was intense, exhausting, and left us both craving some good ol' shut-eye.

But guess what? Life decided to throw a curveball at us – there was only one tiny-ass bed in the room when we expected two beds and a couch. Great job on the accommodations, guys!

Now don't get it twisted; I ain't complaining about sharing a bed with this idiot next to me (yeah, I'm talking about you, König). But damn if it doesn't make things awkward as all hell.

No Choice but the Middle

So here we are - stuck in this cramped space between my grumpy self on one side and Mr. Silent over there on the other side of the mattress kingdom. Ain't no escape for either of us now.

At first glance, you might think this situation would be uncomfortable as f**k...and yeah okay maybe it is at first sight (no homo though). But after spending so much time together dodging bullets and kicking ass out there in the field...well something kinda shifts inside ya'.

Comfort Zone Be Damned

Listen up folks because I'm 'boutta spill some truth tea right here – comfort zones mean jack s**t when your options are limited AF. We're not gonna lie; being forced into such close proximity has its challenges:

Awkward Shuffling

You know that feeling when someone invades your personal bubble? Well imagine doing that while trying not to touch each other too much because somehow even brushing against their arm feels like crossing boundaries unbeknownst.

The Battle for Blanket Territory

Now, let's get one thing straight – blankets are sacred. But when there's only one to go around? Oh boy, it becomes a full-on war zone. We've had our fair share of tug-of-wars and sneaky blanket-stealing maneuvers in the middle of the night.

Unwanted Intimacy

Have you ever woken up with someone else's foot firmly planted on your face? Yeah, neither have we...until now. In this bed-sharing predicament, limbs seem to have a mind of their own and think it’s perfectly acceptable to wander off into no man's land (aka my personal space).

Finding Solace

But amidst all these awkward moments lies something unexpected - solace.

We may bicker like an old married couple during daylight hours but when darkness falls and exhaustion takes over...we find comfort in each other’s presence. And I don't mean that in some mushy-gushy romantic sense (ain’t nobody got time for that). It goes beyond just sharing physical warmth or having another body next to you.


It boils down to trust; knowing that even though we're stuck together in this cramped-ass bed, we’ve got each other's backs through thick and thin. When nightmares haunt our dreams or memories from past missions rear their ugly heads…well let’s just say being able to reach out and know someone will be there is more comforting than any plush mattress could ever be.

So yeah folks, life throws curveballs at us all the damn time. Sometimes they suck big-time but often they lead us down paths we never expected. Sharing a bed with König might not have been part of our plan but hey ho', here we are finding solace amidst the uncomfortable circumstances because bonds forged on battlefields run deep- whether you’re friends or something more (cough ain't nothing going on there, I swear).

That's it for now. Ghost and König signing off...from the middle of this godforsaken bed.

Peace out!