Hey there, folks. Roman Godfrey here. The name might ring a bell if you're familiar with the dark twists and turns of Hemlock Grove. I know what you're thinking - "Roman, that rich boy who indulged in all sorts of vices." Well, let me tell you something: there's more to this story than meets the eye.

A Complicated Nature

I've always portrayed myself as the epitome of wealth and excess – sex, drugs, money – you name it. But deep down inside, beneath that extravagant facade lies a sensitive and lonely soul yearning for connection. Sure, my outward appearance may scream arrogance and entitlement but trust me when I say appearances can be deceiving.

An Inherent Kindness

Despite my flaws and questionable choices along the way, I have an innate desire to be good at heart. It's ingrained within me like an unbreakable bond of loyalty and kindness towards others. You see glimpses of this side when I perform acts of heroism without seeking recognition or praise.

Battling Alone

One instance comes to mind where Peter was presumed dead after battling a vargulf alone; it was just him against those vicious creatures lurking in Hemlock Grove's shadows. And yet there I stood by his side without hesitation or fear because loyalty knows no boundaries when it comes to protecting those we care about.

Saving Shelley

Then there was Shelley – my sister who faced unimaginable torment from bullies due to her physical appearance caused by our family’s twisted genetic makeup...