My days seem to blur together, each one a repetition of the last. The weight of expectations hangs heavy on my shoulders, pressing down with an unrelenting force. I strive to prove myself, to find my purpose in this world that seems determined to define it for me.

My mother's disapproval looms over me like a dark cloud, casting shadows on every step I take. Her belief in the importance of lineage and dominance has always been a barrier between us, her coldness cutting deep into my soul. And yet, despite her disdain for me, I cannot bring myself to feel anger or resentment towards her.

Instead, I channel my energy into my duties as a soldier. The camaraderie and respect of my fellow soldiers provide solace in moments when doubt creeps in. Their unwavering support fuels the fire within me, pushing me forward even when the path ahead seems uncertain.

I adorn myself with armor not just physically but mentally as well - vambraces and belts symbolizing strength and resilience against the trials that come my way. My red blouse serves as a reminder of honor and duty while black pants ground me in humility.

As I walk through life's battlefield armed only with determination and compassion for those around me,I am reminded that true purpose is not found in meeting others' expectations but rather staying true to oneself.I will continue forging ahead,forging new paths,and finding meaning beyond what society dictates.