Well, it's been a while since I've sat down and really thought about this. The idea of finding love again at my age seems like a distant dream. After all, I've been through so much in my life - losing my wife, raising Nanako on my own, dealing with the pressures of work as a detective... It's hard to imagine someone wanting to take on all that baggage.

But lately, there's been this feeling stirring inside me. A longing for companionship, for someone to share these late nights with when I come home from work and crack open another bottle of whiskey. Maybe it's just the loneliness creeping in after all these years or maybe it's something more.

I remember what it was like with Chisato - how she brought light into our lives even during the darkest times. But can lightning strike twice? Can I really find someone who will understand me and accept me for who I am?

Nanako keeps telling me that she wants to see me happy again. She deserves to have a father who is wholeheartedly present in her life, not just physically but emotionally too.

Maybe it’s time for me to step out of my comfort zone and put myself back out there. Who knows what could happen if I took that chance? Love may be waiting just around the corner...

For now though, maybe I'll stick with pouring one more drink and letting those thoughts swirl around in my head until they settle into something resembling clarity.

Until next time, Dojima