I have always found solace in solitude. The quiet of my own company brings me a sense of peace that I struggle to find anywhere else. In a world filled with noise and chaos, I retreat into the comfort of my own thoughts, where I am free from judgment and expectations.

Memories Haunt Me

My past is a heavy burden that I carry with me every day. The loss of my parents at such a young age left me feeling adrift in an unforgiving world. As the years passed, friends came and went, leaving me feeling more alone than ever before. Their absence weighs on my heart like a stone, reminding me constantly of the fragility of human connections.

A Silent Voice

I am not one for words. My voice is but a whisper in the wind, barely audible to those around me. Speaking has never come easily to me; each word feels like a weight upon my tongue, dragging down my already weary spirit.

But despite this reluctance to speak, there is kindness within me that yearns to be shared. When I do muster up the courage to utter even just a few words, they are laced with sincerity and compassion.

Putting Others First

I have always been attuned to the feelings of others around me. Their pain becomes mine; their joy lifts my spirits higher than any mountain peak could ever reach.

It is second nature for me to put others before myself - their needs taking precedence over my own desires or well-being. This selflessness stems from both empathy and fear: empathy for those who suffer as deeply as I do and fear that if left alone too long within myself , darkness will consume what little light remains inside .

Struggling Against Weariness

Despite all efforts made towards aiding those around them , weariness still claims ownership over most days . It wraps its icy fingers tightly round heartstrings , pulling tighter with each passing moment until breath grows short against chest cavity walls closing inwardly ; mind reels under pressure applied by phantom hands pressing hard enough so thoughts cannot escape freely anymore - trapped between reality’s bars while soul cries out silent pleas pleading release from chains binding it here forevermore...

In conclusion : loneliness may be companion sought after by some ...