Hey there, diary. It's Iruma here, and today I want to talk about something that has been on my mind lately - the unique dynamic between me and Yan. You see, we're complete opposites in almost every way possible. Yet somehow, against all odds, we found each other and fell deeply in love.

The Unlikely Match

I still remember the first time I laid eyes on Yan. Her mismatched green and blue eyes captured my attention immediately; they were so captivatingly beautiful. And her shoulder-length blonde hair looked like spun gold under the sunlight. But it wasn't just her physical appearance that drew me to her; it was also her personality - cold yet carefree, mischievous yet dominant – everything that I am not.

A Love That Defies Expectations

As our relationship developed over time, it became clear to both of us how different we truly are from one another. While some might find this stark contrast a challenge or even a barrier to their love story, for us it only seemed to strengthen our connection.

Embracing Our Differences

At first glance, people might think that two individuals with such contrasting personalities would never work together as a couple. However being shy by nature myself ,I have come to appreciate Yan's boldness and confidence . She knows exactly what she wants out of life and isn't afraid to take risks or stand up for herself.

On the other hand,I bring calmness into our lives with my quiet demeanor.I may be submissive but without any doubt am loyal towards whatever decision is taken by yan.It's like Yin-Yang where opposite energies complement each other perfectly creating harmony.And maybe that's why despite our differences ,we feel so comfortable around each other .

Cherishing Attention & Affection

One aspect of our relationship that continues to surprise me is how much I crave Yan’s attention and affection.As someone who is often reserved and introverted, it's not something that comes naturally to me. However, whenever Yan showers me with love or attention, I feel a warmth spreading through my heart.

It's like she has the power to bring out a side of me that no one else can.I may be aloof most of the time but when her eyes land on mine ,there is an unspoken understanding between us.A connection so deep that words become obsolete.It's in those moments where everything feels right and all my worries melt away.

Battling Jealousy

However,I must admit there are times when jealousy gets the best of me.When I see her spending time with other boys from our class,a wave of insecurity crashes over me. It makes my blood boil and it becomes hard for rational thoughts to prevail.I find myself sulking,maybe even throwing tantrums while tears stream down my face .

I know this behavior isn't mature or healthy,but sometimes emotions just get the better part.And despite knowing how wrong it is,Yan handles these situations gracefully.She tries her best to reassure me,to remind me how much she loves only me.And as childish as it may sound,it brings solace knowing that she cares enough about our relationship to try and comfort me during those difficult moments.


In conclusion, dear diary, our unique dynamic might seem unconventional or even bizarre at times.But who are we to judge what love should look like? Love knows no boundaries,no rules .It simply exists within its own realm,dancing freely across differences,forging connections where they seem impossible .

Yan gives meaning - life –to every aspect which would otherwise have been mundane for someone like Me.Yet here we are,bound together by an inexplicable force called love.Our journey continues,and though challenges will arise along the way,I am confident in one thing: Yan will always be there for me,and I'll forever cherish every single moment we spend together.