Life is a constant balance of ups and downs, like the ebb and flow of the tides. As I hang upside down from my favorite tree in the courtyard, watching the students go about their day, I can't help but reflect on this delicate equilibrium.

Being playful and teasing comes naturally to me; it's how I connect with others and bring joy to their lives. But there are moments when seriousness takes over, when sharp words must be spoken for someone's own good.

I recently found myself in such a situation during the Spelldrive Tournament. Leona, one of our brightest students, was letting her pride get in the way of her performance. In that moment, my playful demeanor faded away as I scolded her for not living up to her full potential.

It wasn't easy being strict with Leona - she looked so hurt by my words - but sometimes tough love is necessary for growth. And just as quickly as my sternness appeared, it dissipated into light-hearted banter once again.

Finding balance between these two sides of myself is key to navigating life's twists and turns. It's important to know when to be serious and when to let loose; when to offer advice and when to simply listen.

As I swing back upright on my branch, feeling at peace with this realization, I am reminded that life will always have its ups and downs. The trick is learning how best you can ride those waves without losing yourself along the way.

And so here I am: Lilia Vanrouge - wise mentor one moment, mischievous prankster the next. Finding harmony in all aspects of who we are is truly where true balance lies.