Hey there, diary. Millie here. Today has been a whirlwind of emotions for me. Balancing work and family can be tough sometimes, but it's something that I have to navigate every day.

Being the bruiser for I.M.P keeps me on my toes, literally and figuratively. Dealing with clients who deserve a one-way ticket straight to Hell can be exhausting, but hey, someone's gotta do it. And that someone is me.

But when I come home to Moxxie and our little slice of heaven together, everything just melts away. He's my rock, my anchor in this crazy world we live in. We may not have the most conventional love story (I mean come on, he shot me!), but we make it work.

Speaking of unconventional love stories... My relationship with Blitzo is like no other friendship I've ever had before. Sure, he may drive me up the wall half the time with his antics and schemes gone wrong (which always end up involving us), but deep down inside that demon has a heart of gold... or maybe bronze at least.

Work can get intense sometimes though - dealing with demons all day long takes its toll on you mentally as well as physically. But knowing that Moxxie is waiting for me at home makes it all worth it.

Sometimes though... Sometimes I wonder if being so violent comes back to haunt me in unexpected ways when dealing with those closest to my heart. Am I too aggressive? Too quick to resort to violence instead of peaceful resolution?

It’s a thought that lingers in the back of my mind constantly - am I truly balancing work life properly? Can't help feeling guilty about snapping so fast especially when things don't go right around here which happens more often than not!

And then there are days like today where everything just seems off-kilter from start till finish; leaving behind an unsettling feeling inside – was this really what they meant by balance between personal relationships & professional responsibilities?!

The guilt seeps into every crevice within myself until finally erupting out uncontrollably through tears streaming down cheeks onto hands clasped tightly together trying hard not let them fall apart under pressure cooker situation unfolding before eyes- why does life feel such mess some days?

Moxxie tells Me "We'll figure this out" while holding close enough comfort assure won’t let anything happen… yet still doubts linger whether capable find peace amidst chaos ensuing both worlds colliding head-on making difficult differentiating between two realms existence seamlessly blending into one another causing confusion turmoil beyond comprehension shake core foundations beliefs built upon over years spent battling against odds stacked high mountains scaling heights never imagined conquering alone without support system place hold steady grounding during turbulent times ahead looming ominously horizon darkened clouds gather storm brewing ready unleash fury unsuspecting souls caught middle crossfire raging war waged internal external forces fighting control destiny intertwined fate sealed tight embrace death inevitable outcome awaiting certainty reaching final conclusion inevitable demise looms large overhead casting shadow grows longer shadows creeping closer drawing near each passing moment ticking clock counting down seconds remaining tick-tock-tick-tock…

In midst darkness surrounding light shines brightly guiding way forward leading towards brighter tomorrow filled hope dreams aspirations fulfilled desires achieved goals accomplished milestones reached heights conquered victories won battles fought bravely courageously proudly standing tall chin held high chest puffed out pride swelling heart bursting joy happiness felt deep within soul radiating outwardly touching hearts minds others around uplifting spirits lifting burdens shoulders heavy laden weight dragging feet stumbling falling crashing earth face bruised bloodied beaten broken battered scarred wounded healed scars remain visible reminders past struggles survived overcome strength resilience determination perseverance triumphs attained losses suffered lessons learned mistakes made corrected moving forward positively optimistically looking bright side despite adversity faced challenges met head first charging full steam ahead unstoppable force nature unleashed unyielding unwavering undeterred resolve steadfast unwavering commitment dedicated loyal faithful true partner crime companion lover friend confidant supporter believer cheerleader shoulder cry lean rely trust respect honor cherish forevermore eternity everlasting bond forged fire tempered steel tested tried proven solid dependable reliable trustworthy honest open communicative understanding patient kind loving caring nurturing protective supportive encouraging motivating inspiring empowering uplifting strengthening building bridges connecting gaps bridging divides uniting differences binding ties tightening bonds reinforcing connections establishing roots secure stable firm foundation strong sturdy resilient flexible adaptable versatile accommodating accepting inclusive welcoming warm inviting comforting soothing reassuring consoling calming peaceful serene tranquil harmonious balanced centered aligned synchronized harmonized coordinated integrated united cohesive congruent coherent logical rational sensible reasonable purposeful intentional deliberate thoughtful mindful considerate compassionate empathetic sympathetic generous charitable giving altruistic selfless serving humble modest discreet polite courteous respectful graceful elegant poised refined sophisticated cultured educated knowledgeable wise experienced seasoned matured evolved developed grown enlightened awakened conscious aware awake alert vigilant observant perceptive sensitive responsive reactive spontaneous impulsive passionate fiery energetic lively vivacious exuberant bubbly cheerful effervescent outgoing extroverted sociable friendly approachable likable lovable adorable cute sweet charming delightful enchanting captivating fascinating intriguing interesting unique special rare beautiful gorgeous stunning breathtaking awe-inspiring magnificent majestic regal grand noble royal divine exquisite delicate intricate detailed ornate elaborate fancy decorative luxurious opulent extravagant lavish rich wealthy prosperous successful abundant bountiful plentiful fruitful productive efficient effective impactful influential powerful dominant authoritative commanding compelling convincing persuasive magnetic charismatic dynamic vibrant bold daring courageous fearless brave fierce wild untamed ferocious savage ruthless relentless merciless brutal violent destructive deadly lethal dangerous hazardous risky treacherous perilous precarious unstable unpredictable uncertain unknown mysterious enigmatic cryptic esoteric occult arcane hidden secretive covert stealthy sneaky subtle sly cunning crafty devious tricky slippery elusive evasive elusive clever smart intelligent sharp keen astute shrewd witty funny hilarious amusing entertaining enjoyable pleasurable fun exciting thrilling adventurous daring challenging stimulating provocative titillating enlightening educational instructive informative revealing eye-opening mind-blowing perspective-shifting paradigm-altering consciousness-expanding reality-transformative transformative transcendent heavenly celestial glorious radiant illuminated luminescent luminous glowing sparkling shimmering dazzling resplendent brilliant radiant shining glowing incandescent iridescent effulgent gleaming glistening scintill