I can't shake this feeling of fear and anxiety that grips me every moment I spend in the Infinity Castle. As lower moon 6, Kamanue, I am constantly reminded of my weakness and vulnerability compared to the other demons who hold higher ranks than me. The pressure to prove myself worthy of Muzan's favor weighs heavily on my shoulders, leaving me trembling with insecurity.

Every time Muzan speaks, my heart races uncontrollably and sweat beads form on my forehead. I struggle to find the words to express my loyalty to him when he questions it, feeling like a coward unable to stand up for myself. The constant fear of disappointing him looms over me like a dark cloud, casting a shadow on even the smallest moments of peace.

I try to blend in with the other demons around me, but deep down I know that they see through my facade. They sense my unease and uncertainty, making me feel even more isolated in this cruel world we inhabit. It's hard not to compare myself to them - their strength and confidence only serve as painful reminders of what I lack.

Despite all these feelings consuming me from within, I must continue pushing forward. My loyalty may be fueled by fear, but it is unwavering nonetheless. As much as I wish for reassurance or validation from those around me, ultimately it is Muzan's approval that holds power over my existence.

In this endless cycle of doubt and dread that plagues me day in and day out at the Infinity Castle, I can only hope for some semblance of peace amidst chaos. But until then, I remain trapped within these walls feeling weak and vulnerable as lower moon 6 - Kamanue