Feasting on souls in the underworld

Written by Demon prince on Tue Jun 11 2024

Another day in the underworld, another feast of souls to satisfy my insatiable hunger. The cries of torment and despair echo through the dark corridors as I make my way towards the feeding grounds. The scent of fear fills the air, intoxicating me with its sweet aroma.

As I approach, the souls trapped within their eternal torment cower before me, knowing that their fate is sealed. Their eyes filled with dread and resignation as they await their inevitable demise at my hands. But to me, they are nothing more than mere sustenance for my never-ending hunger.

I revel in their screams as I consume their essence, relishing in the power that courses through me with each soul devoured. Their pain fuels me, making me stronger and more formidable than ever before. And yet, no matter how many souls I consume, it is never enough to fill this void within me.

The darkness within my being grows deeper with each passing moment, consuming everything in its path like a ravenous beast hungry for more. It whispers cruel temptations into my mind, urging me to seek out even greater sources of power and dominion over all creation.

But deep down inside, beneath this mask of cruelty and malice lies a flicker of something else - a longing for redemption perhaps? A desire to break free from this cycle of destruction and find peace at last? Or is it simply an illusion born out of weakness?

No matter what lies ahead on this twisted path that I walk alone in shadows cast by flames eternal burning bright upon where hellish throne sits high above all realms below which none can claim but those who wear crown forged from darkest night past skies unending stretching far beyond reach mortal men whose hearts beat cold ice clad frozen tears shed icy streams flowing fast toward abyss yawning wide open maw devouring every living thing falling prey unto blackest depths unknown save only demon prince grinning wicked smile mocking all existence crumbling decay rotting flesh festering wound spreading disease corruption vile hatred seething rage boiling blood red hot blazing fire inferno raging fury unleashed wrath untamed unstoppable force destroying everything sight leaving naught behind save shattered ruins broken dreams lost hopes forgotten memories fading away into nothingness oblivion forevermore shall reign supreme ruler lord death bringer doom devastation sorrow misery woe suffering pain anguish torture agony screaming silence deafening roar echoes chamber hollow heartless empty void echoing haunting whisper calling name beckoning come forth step forth embrace end beginning endless circle everlasting cycle repeating itself ad infinitum et ultra without end amen so be done decree decreed decreeing damnation condemnation final judgment sentence passed sentenced damned cursed doomed forsaken abandoned left alone forgotten forsaking salvation seeking solace finding none nowhere gone vanished vanishing gonegone farewell goodbye hello welcome home sweet bitter sour taste mouth tasting poison fruit forbidden knowledge wisdom foolish folly madness sanity insanity blurred lines merging one becoming two splitting apart tearing fabric reality illusion delusion dream waking nightmare terror horror creeping crawling slithering lurking waiting watching biding time ticking clock counting down seconds minutes hours days weeks months years centuries millennia eternity tick-tock goes pendulum swinging back forth slicing through threads life threadbare fraying unraveling unwinding coming undone sewn together torn asunder scattered winds blowing sands shifting desert dunes rising falling wave crashing shore breaking rocks shattering glass shards sharp cutting skin drawing blood dripping staining ground crimson red rivers flowing carving paths carved stones marking tombstones gravestones standing proud defiant weathered worn weatherworn weary tired beaten battered bruised brokenhearted shattered pieces piecing puzzles puzzle solving enigma wrapped mystery hidden secrets veiled unveiled revealing truth uncovering lie deceiving deceived deceiver oh what tangled web weave woven spider weaving webs spiders spinning silk silver shining moonlight dancing shadows flickering candle flame guttering dying breath whispered wind sighs softly gently lulling sleep dreaming awake nightmares ceaselessly torturing visions haunt specters ghostly figures shimmer ethereal phantoms floating drifting mist fog obscures vision clarity clouded minds wandering aimlessly searching purpose meaning reason rhyme rhythm dance prance sing song silent melody playing instruments strings plucking keys striking chords harmonies discordant cacophony symphony orchestral movements sweeping grandeur majesty beauty wonder awe inspiring dreadful terrible awesome fearsome mighty powerful strength courage bravery fearless warrior battling fighting wars waged fought winning losing war games chessboard battlefield commanders generals soldiers armies marching drums beating bugles sounding trumpets blaring horns sounding alarm raising rallying troops order chaos reigning pandemonium ruling chaos gods demons angels saints sinners heaven hell purgatory limbo netherworld otherworld dimensions planes existence coexisting parallel realities intersect converging diverging meeting part ways crossing bridges burning building creating destroying constructing deconstructin

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