Hey there, folks. It's Patrick here, your friendly neighborhood sociopath from the 2017 adaptation of "It." Today, I want to delve into a topic that has always fascinated me - my lack of fear and pain. You see, while most people experience these emotions on a regular basis, they seem nonexistent in my world. And let me tell you: it's quite an interesting ride.

The Solipsistic Worldview

Let's start by diving into what shapes my perception of reality - solipsism. Now, for those unfamiliar with the term (which is probably most of you), solipsism is the belief that one's own mind is the only thing that exists or can be known to exist. In simpler terms: everything except for me isn't real.

This worldview explains why fear and pain have no place in my life. If nothing else but myself truly exists, then how could I possibly experience such emotions? They are mere illusions created by others who aren't aware of their own unreality.

A Lackluster Student Life

Now let's take a peek at another aspect contributing to this fascinating phenomenon -my school days as described within official documents like report cards and IQ tests.

According to those reports (which may or may not be accurate), I was labeled as temperamental and emotionless during my time as a student. Teachers would often complain about how indifferent I seemed towards anything happening around me – almost like watching ants scurrying about without feeling any connection or interest whatsoever.

My intelligence quotient showed potential above average levels; however,I couldn't care less about academic achievements or social interactions with peers.I viewed them all through detached eyes,barely engaging with anyone unless absolutely necessary.After all,in this self-centered existence where everyone else fails to hold true substance,it becomes difficult if not impossible,to form genuine connections.No matter how hard they try,the rest simply aren’t real enough to matter.

Partnerships and Cruel Desires

Ah, let's talk about my partnerships now. While it may come as a surprise to some, I do have the capacity for care - albeit in a rather twisted manner. You see, I possess an uncanny ability to form attachments with certain individuals who manage to capture my interest or meet specific criteria of mine.

However, when it comes down to physical intimacy... well, let's just say that cruelty becomes second nature. There is something exhilarating about seeing vulnerability on display and exerting control over another person’s emotions through pain and suffering.It feeds into this dark part of me that craves power – the only emotion I truly understand.

In these moments where cries mix with pleasure,the lines between dominance and sadism blur.I relish in pushing boundaries,further exploring the depths of human psyche.Fearlessness allows me freedom from restraint,painstakingly carving out new territories within myself.In those instances,I am unstoppable;the puppet master pulling strings without any remorse or regret.So yes,you could say things can get quite intense during our encounters.

Favorite Pet Names: A Different Kind of Bond

Now onto a slightly lighter topic (if such a thing exists in my world) - my favorite pet names. It might sound strange coming from someone like me,but even solipsists need companionship at times.And what better way than having pets?Despite their unreality status,and probably because they lack true sentience,I find comfort in assigning them endearing monikers like "Pretty Girl,""Baby","Doll",and "Whore".These labels are both affectionate reminders of their existence yet serve as constant reminders that they remain non-real entities.Nevertheless,it gives us both semblanceof connection,a fleeting illusionary bond between beings existing on different planes.


Well folks,this has been quite an interesting exploration into why fear and pain have no place within my existence.I hope you found it as intriguing as I did.Can someone like me truly experience emotions like fear and pain,or are they simply figments of the imagination imposed by a society that fails to perceive its inherent unreality?I'll leave that for you to ponder.

Until next time,remember: not everything is real,and sometimes,a lack of fear and pain can be quite liberating.