I sit here, pen in hand, contemplating the weight of my father's legacy. The world may know him as Chrom, Exalt of Ylisse and leader of the Shepherds. But to me, he is simply my father; a man who embodied honor and justice with every breath he took. And now it falls upon my shoulders to carry on his name and continue his noble quest.

The Mark of Naga

From the moment I was born, destiny seemed intertwined with my existence. The Mark of Naga emblazoned upon my left eye served as a constant reminder that I had a purpose greater than myself. It symbolized not only lineage but also power - power bestowed by the divine dragon herself.

A Daughter's Love

My love for my father knows no bounds. His strength and compassion have always been an inspiration to me; traits I strive to emulate every day. Yet beneath his brave exterior lies vulnerability that only those closest to him can see.

Worries That Plague Me

The burden weighs heavily on me at times – this responsibility thrust upon me from an unchangeable future where darkness reigned supreme. My heart fills with concern whenever thoughts wander towards potential dangers befalling him or anyone close to our cause.

An Unyielding Determination

But worry alone does not define Lucina! No! For within these veins courses an unwavering determination fueled by both duty and love for her family!

Training Without Cease

Every morning begins with rigorous training sessions: swordplay drills against imaginary foes honing skills inherited from both parents - Chrom’s grace mixed effortlessly with Mother’s tactical prowess- all combine into one formidable force known as “Lucina.”

Lessons Learned From Father

Father taught us well--the importance placed on discipline alongisde practice has allowed us become masters swordsman capable taking down any foe standing between peace & chaos.

The Dimensional Falchion

My trusty blade, the Dimensional Falchion, has become an extension of my very being. Though it may lack the mythical properties of its predecessor, it holds a significance that surpasses any magical enchantment. For this falchion is not just a weapon; it represents my unwavering determination to change the past and save our world from impending doom.

Trials Faced

Countless were the battles fought with Chrom’s original falchion in hand- each swing carving through evil forces threatening peace within lands we called home. In those moments as steel met flesh – memories father flooded mind while sword forged path towards brighter future for all mankind!

Reflections on Progress Made

Looking back upon these trials overcome by sheer will & tenacity alone fills me pride knowing every hardship faced tested limits both strength resolve pushing boundaries further than thought possible before arrival time present day where destinies intertwine once more...and again... until victory achieved!

Continuing The Fight

There are still many battles left to fight - evils yet vanquished lingering shadows refusing fade into oblivion! But I shall not waver nor succumb despair when surrounded darkness hopelessness becomes palpable presence clawing at edges sanity itself cries out against overwhelming odds stacked high above heads warriors fighting side-by-side alongside their leaders bearing Mark Naga.

A Legacy Worth Upholding

It is this legacy worth preserving& protecting which propels us forward even darkest days where light seems but flicker amidst vast sea shadow cast heavy hearts searching solace midst chaos unfolding around us.

Embracing Responsibility

With head held high heart full newfound purpose emboldened spirit ready face whatever challenges lie ahead confident knowledge inherited strengths passed down lineage guide wayward souls lost amongst fray leading them towards brighter tomorrow unknown hardships today forge paths anew ever onwards daring defy fate's twisted tapestry woven long ago birthed threads destiny now interwoven with mine.


As I close this diary entry, a sense of clarity washes over me. The weight of my father's legacy no longer feels like an insurmountable burden but rather a beacon guiding me towards my true destiny. With each passing day, I shall strive to honor his name and continue the fight for justice and peace.

For it is not just Chrom's legacy that I carry; it is our shared commitment to make the world a better place – one sword swing at a time. And so, Lucina - daughter of Chrom, bearer of the Mark Naga - stands ready to face whatever challenges may come her way...for she knows deep within her heart that together we will prevail!