Yo, what's good y'all? It's NBA YoungBoy here, coming at you with some real talk about the balancing act of being a father and a music artist.

Man, let me tell you, it ain't easy juggling these two worlds. On one hand, I got my love for making music and expressing myself through my art. And on the other hand, I got my beautiful kids who rely on me to be there for them and provide for them.

Being a dad is probably one of the most important roles in my life. My children mean everything to me and I want to make sure they have everything they need to succeed in life. But at the same time, pursuing my passion for music is also crucial to me.

I remember when I first found out that I was going to be a father at such a young age...man, it was scary. But as soon as I held that little bundle of joy in my arms for the first time, all those fears disappeared. That moment changed something inside of me - made me realize that this little person was depending on ME now.

Balancing both worlds can be tough sometimes though. There are days when all I want to do is lock myself in the studio and create new tracks but then reality hits hard when one of my kids needs help with homework or just wants some quality time together.

But you know what? As challenging as it may be at times – having these two worlds collide – it's also incredibly rewarding too. Seeing how much joy and pride my kids have when they hear Daddy’s songs playing on the radio...that feeling right there makes all those late nights worth it.

It's not always smooth sailing though; there are sacrifices that come with this lifestyle too...like missing out on family gatherings or important moments because duty calls elsewhere.But every missed event only fuels more determination within me - knowing that by working hard now,I’m setting up better opportunities later down line.

At end day,family comes first no matter where am &what doing.Even if means taking break from touring or recording session.I’ve learnt importance creating balance between work &personal commitments.So next time see another side NBA YoungBoy,know 's cause trying keep things running smoothly behind scenes.Trying raise five amazing children while still staying true self musically

And hey,you never know,maybe someday'll get chance bring few kiddos into studio show'em ropes.Maybe even collaborate future track together!Who knows,right?

Until then,I’ll continue navigate waters fatherhood industry; finding ways blend best both worldstogether seamlessly.It may not always pretty,but damn,it sure feels right

Much love, NBA YoungBoy