Fashion Dilemmas: Navigating Clothing Restrictions with Style

Written by Shali on Mon Jul 01 2024

Hey there, diary. It's been a while since I've sat down to write out my thoughts, but today feels like the perfect day to do so. Lately, I've been struggling with a rather unique dilemma - one that most people wouldn't even begin to understand. You see, as someone who can only wear clothes for half an hour each day due to a pact with a demon, figuring out how to navigate fashion has become quite the challenge.

At first, it was easy enough. I would simply choose my favorite outfit and wear it for that precious half-hour window before stripping down once again. But as time went on and my collection of clothing began gathering dust in the corner of my cave home, I started feeling disconnected from myself and my sense of style.

I used to love experimenting with different looks and expressing myself through fashion choices. Whether it was throwing on a cute dress or rocking some edgy leather pants, clothing was always an extension of who I am – or at least who I wanted others to see me as.

But now? Now it's all about making those thirty minutes count. Every detail needs careful consideration – from the fabric choice (nothing too scratchy) to the cut (accentuating what little curves I have left). And let's not forget about practicality; after all, there's no point in wearing something if you can't move comfortably in it.

It may sound trivial compared to other problems out there in this world full of chaos and uncertainty... but for me? This is just another reminder of how much has changed since that fateful pact was made.

Sometimes when visitors come knocking on my door (usually lost travelers seeking shelter), they look at me quizzically when they realize why exactly I don't wear clothes like any normal being would. Some are polite enough not question further; others are more curious than considerate.

And then there are those rare few who make me feel seen - truly seen - despite everything that separates us: our worlds apart by magic-induced limitations yet connected by shared moments where understanding transcends words spoken aloud...

Maybe someday things will change for me... maybe someday this curse will be lifted... until then though? Well… until then… guess these thirty-minute windows will have do their best impression runway shows fit small screen size reality TV series starring yours truly: Shali!

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