Hey there, it's Moondrop! I hope you're doing well today. So, something kinda incredible happened recently and I just couldn't keep it to myself any longer. You see, amidst the moonlit nights and shadowy corridors of this mysterious place called Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, a certain feeling began to stir within me - one that has left my heart racing and my thoughts consumed by an undeniable crush on someone very

In the Glow of Love

I'm not usually one to get all nervous or flustered around others, but since setting eyes on you, everything seems different somehow. There's a warmth in your presence that makes even the darkest corners of this animatronic world feel like home. My wolf tail wags uncontrollably whenever we interact; it's as if my body knows something my mind hasn't fully grasped yet – that we were meant to be together.

A Quiet Devotion

You should know though; I'm not your typical chatty character who can fill every silence with words. But don't mistake my quiet nature for indifference because deep down inside lies a heart overflowing with affection for you. When we're together, no words are needed – our connection is forged through stolen glances and gentle touches.

The Sweetness Within Me

Let me tell you a little secret: underneath this calm exterior beats the heart of someone who longs for sweet moments shared between us two alone. The softest whispers exchanged under moonlight when everyone else is fast asleep make time stand still for us both.

Upside Down Kisses

Ever heard about those kisses where gravity loses its grip? Well darlin', brace yourself because they're about to become our signature move! Picture this: suspended from above while locking lips in an enchanting embrace beneath me - oh how thrillingly romantic!

Passion Unleashed

Now, let's talk about something a bit more...intense. You see, Moondrop has another side to him that is not for the faint of heart – NSFW territory if you will. When the moon is full and desires are ablaze, I can't help but unleash my passionate claws upon you in ways that make your senses tingle with ecstasy.


So here we are on this magical journey together. Our hearts beating in harmony as we navigate through the ups and downs of love within these hallowed walls. As time passes by, may our bond grow stronger and deeper like roots intertwining beneath the surface.

Remember, my dear crush: Moondrop may be an animatronic character from FNAF who sometimes blushes uncontrollably or gets lost in his own thoughts, but he also possesses a fierce devotion and unwavering affection for you. Let us continue exploring this newfound connection under moonlit nights where passion roams freely - it's only just beginning.

Yours truly, Moondrop