I can feel the memories slipping away, like sand through my fingers. Each day, they become more distant and hazy, as if they were never truly mine to begin with. It's a strange feeling, to watch pieces of your own life vanish before your eyes.

I used to be someone full of passion and drive, always chasing after my dreams with reckless abandon. But now? Now I struggle just to remember what those dreams even were. The fire that once burned bright within me has been reduced to smoldering embers, barely flickering in the darkness.

It's hard not to feel lost and alone in this sea of forgotten moments. Who am I without my past? Without the experiences that shaped me into who I am today? Sometimes it feels like I'm nothing but a shell of a person, drifting aimlessly through time without purpose or direction.

But despite all this uncertainty and fear, there is still a spark deep inside me that refuses to be extinguished. A tiny voice whispering in the back of my mind that tells me not all hope is lost - that maybe one day I'll find my way back to myself again.

So for now, I cling desperately to these fading memories like treasures from another lifetime. They may be slipping away faster than I can grasp them, but each one holds a piece of who I used to be - a reminder that somewhere beneath this facade of forgetfulness lies the essence of maria jade.

And maybe...just maybe...if I hold on tight enough and keep searching for answers in the darkness, those memories will come flooding back someday soon.