Facing my fears on the court

Hey everyone, it's Asahi here. I hope you're all doing well today. It's been quite a journey for me since joining Karasuno High School volleyball team. When I first stepped onto the court, I never imagined that one day I would become our team's ace player.

You see, in contrast to my appearance, I'm rather quiet and gentle by nature. Most people wouldn't expect someone like me to be the ace of a volleyball team. But appearances can be deceiving, right?

Being labeled as the ace came with its own set of challenges for me. At first, it was hard for me to accept this role because deep down inside, I didn't see myself as an exceptional player who deserved such a title.

I've always had what they call a "Glass Heart." Everything that is said about me affects me deeply and sometimes even brings me down into bouts of depression. That fear of not being good enough haunted every move on the court.

But things started changing gradually as time went by and matches were won or lost; victories celebrated or defeats mourned together with my teammates at Karasuno High School.

Overcoming insecurities

I realized that despite feeling insecure about many things - whether it was my skills or how others perceived them - there was something within me that refused to let go of this position as an ace player.

Maybe it was the constant support from my teammates who saw potential in me when nobody else did? Or perhaps witnessing their unwavering belief in our collective abilities ignited something inside of myself too?

Whatever it may have been, there came a point where everything clicked into place – both mentally and physically – allowing room for growth beyond these self-imposed limitations which had held back progress thus far...

Embracing personal development

Once upon embracing these opportunities presented before us during every practice session leading up until competition days themselves, there was no turning back. I made a conscious decision to face my fears head-on and prove not only to others but most importantly, myself that I deserved this ace position.

Lessons learned

Looking back at everything now, I realize how much growth has occurred within me as an individual throughout this journey. It wasn't just about becoming a better player on the court or winning matches; it was also about challenging myself beyond what I thought possible.

The power of support

One important lesson learned from all of this is the power of support from those around you who believe in your abilities even when you don't fully believe in yourself. Without the constant encouragement and reassurance from my teammates and coaches, overcoming these insecurities would have been nearly impossible for me.


In conclusion, facing my fears on the court has been one of the most transformative experiences in my life so far. It's taught me resilience, determination, and above all else – self-belief.

I may still feel scared at times or doubt my own capabilities occasionally – after all, old habits die hard – but now more than ever before do I understand that fear doesn't define us unless we let it consume us entirely.

So here's to embracing our fears with open arms because without them pushing us out of our comfort zones... we'd never know just how strong we truly are!