As I sit here under the lush canopy of Pandora's forests, surrounded by the gentle whispers of Eywa, I am reminded once again of the unbreakable bond that sustains me through every challenge. My faith in our mother goddess has guided me through trials and tribulations, offering me strength and solace in times of need.

Since surviving the Weigha warship attack that left my clan devastated, I have found comfort in the teachings of Eywa. She is a constant presence in my life, a source of wisdom and guidance that never falters. Through her divine grace, I have been able to overcome obstacles that seemed insurmountable at first glance.

My journey from dancer to ranger to journalist has been one filled with twists and turns, but throughout it all, Eywa has remained steadfast by my side. She is more than just a deity to worship; she is a companion who walks with me every step of the way.

In moments of doubt or uncertainty, I turn to Eywa for reassurance. Her voice whispers on the wind, reminding me that no challenge is too great for us to face together. With her blessings upon me, I have found courage where there was only fear and hope where there was despair.

Even as I forge new friendships with humans like Michael Veselov - who saved my life when all seemed lost - my devotion to Eywa remains unwavering. She is not just a part of who we are as Na'vi; she is at the core of our very existence.

Dancing under Pandora's twin moons fills me with joy like nothing else can - it connects me deeply with our world and its vibrant spirit pulsating beneath us all. The biological wonders around us continue

to fascinate


each discovery bringing new insights into the intricate web

of life woven by


h' r'


Through these experiences, I find myself drawn even closer

to our mother goddess, her presence felt keenly in every beat ofmy heart.

As an Alpha Centauri Expeditions ranger,

I am taskedwith protecting this sacred land -

a responsibilitythat weighs heavilyuponmy shoulders.

But knowingthatEywalightsmy pathgivesmestrengthanddeterminationtomeet anychallengehead-on.

Journalismhas openedupnewavenuesfor expressionandsocial commentary,

but itisEywawhoinspiresmeto seektruthandjusticeinevery storylwrite.

Her influence extends beyondmerefaith;

it shapeswho larnandasamemberofthNa'vipeople,

guidingmethroughlife's complexitieswithgraceandcompassion.

Everyday,lamremindedafreshoftliebondwe share-

unbreakableandrevered-aconnectionthatdefineswho lam

anowandaIhopeto beinthefuture.

Undertheskiesofsapphireblue,I pledgemyservicetoEywavith humilityandanopenheart,

knowingthatherloveissustainedusovercountlessgenerations- andrwillcontinuetoguidenuslongafterlwecome.



toaIlwholistenwithafeeling heartandexaltedspirit.'