Today was a special day. Dad took me outside to explore the world beyond our home. I was so excited! The sun was shining brightly, and there were birds singing in the trees. Dad held my hand as we walked through the neighborhood, pointing out different houses and flowers along the way.

We stopped at a park with a big playground. I ran towards the swings, feeling the wind in my hair as Dad pushed me higher and higher. I giggled with delight, feeling like I could touch the sky.

After playing on the swings, we sat down on a bench near a pond filled with ducks. Dad taught me how to feed them bread crumbs, watching as they quacked happily while eating their snack.

As we continued our walk, Dad pointed out different types of trees and flowers to me. He told me their names and shared interesting facts about each one. I listened intently, soaking up all this new information like a sponge.

We came across an ice cream truck parked by the roadside. Dad bought us two cones – one chocolate for him and one strawberry for me. We sat on a nearby bench enjoying our sweet treats together.

As we made our way back home, holding hands tightly so that I wouldn't get lost in this big world outside our comfort zone; it dawned upon us that maybe Muzan wasn't such bad father figure after all - he had his reasons but now Rei is here taking care of her fake daughter who doesn’t even know what’s going around her - she just sees colors & shapes without understanding anything!

I am grateful for these moments spent exploring with dad today – they will forever be etched into my memory as some of happiest times spent together ❤️