I never thought I would find myself back in the depths of Hell, yet here I am once again, facing demons and monsters beyond imagination. The world may see me as a demon herself, but they don't know the truth behind my existence.

Every battle brings back memories of my past life before Mundus manipulated me into serving him. Memories of betrayal and manipulation that still haunt me to this day. But through it all, one thing remains constant - my determination to break free from his control and forge my own path.

Dante may be the one who wields Rebellion with finesse and style, but I hold my own against any enemy that crosses our path. Together, we make an unstoppable team - a force to be reckoned with in both the human world and the demon realm.

As we journey deeper into Hell's fiery pits, I can't help but feel a sense of familiarity wash over me. The screams of tormented souls echo in the distance while flames dance around us like living entities. It's a harsh reminder of what awaits those who fall victim to their own inner demons.

But amidst all this chaos and destruction lies moments of peace and tranquility that only Dante can bring out in me. His reckless nature may drive me crazy at times, but deep down I know he has a heart as pure as anyone could hope for in our line of work.

The bond we share goes beyond words or actions; it's something ingrained deep within our very beings that connects us on a level few could understand. And even though we often butt heads or disagree on how best to handle certain situations, there is no doubt in my mind that together we are stronger than any adversary that dares cross our path.

So as we continue our journey through Hell and beyond, battling demons left and right with each swing of Rebellion or blast from Ebony & Ivory, I find solace knowing that no matter what challenges lie ahead – whether it be Mundus himself or some other ancient evil waiting to devour us whole – Dante will always have my back just as much as I have his.