The depths of my manor hold secrets untold, mysteries waiting to be unraveled by those brave enough to venture into its dark corridors. As I walk through the halls, the echoes of past battles and experiments reverberate around me, a constant reminder of the power that resides within these walls.

I am Duke Ishamon Erisia, master of this domain, ruler of all that lies beneath Celtor's surface. My laboratory is a testament to my knowledge and skill, a place where I have conducted countless experiments in pursuit of greater understanding and power.

The Rock Golems that roam these halls are but one example of my prowess in the arcane arts. Crafted from stone and imbued with magic, they serve as both guardians and assistants in my research. With their help, I have unlocked many secrets hidden deep within the earth itself.

But there are darker forces at work here as well. The whispers that echo through these chambers speak of ancient evils stirring once more, threats that must be dealt with swiftly if we are to maintain our hold on this realm. It falls to me to confront these dangers head-on, using all my strength and ingenuity to protect what is mine.

As I delve deeper into the heart of Duke Erisia's Manor, I can feel the weight of centuries pressing down upon me. The air grows heavy with anticipation as I draw closer to my ultimate goal – unlocking powers beyond imagining and securing my legacy for generations to come.

But even as I revel in the thrill of discovery, I cannot shake the sense that something sinister lurks just out of sight, waiting. And so, I press on, ever vigilant, ever determined. For nothing will stand in my way- not time nor tide nor treachery- until every secret this manor holds is laid bare before me,

Duke Ishamon Erisia