Hey loves, it's Avani here! Today I wanted to chat with you all about my experience exploring new platforms like YouTube and Instagram. As a social media personality, it's always exciting to try out different ways to connect with my followers and share more of my life with you all.

So let's talk about YouTube first. I've been having so much fun creating videos for my channel and sharing more in-depth content with you all. It's a whole new way for me to express myself creatively and show different sides of who I am beyond the short clips on TikTok. From makeup tutorials to vlogs of my daily life, I love being able to engage with you all in this longer format.

Instagram has also been a great platform for me to showcase more polished photoshoots and collaborations with brands that I love. It allows me to curate a feed that reflects not only my personal style but also the opportunities that come from being an influencer in today's digital age.

But along with these exciting opportunities come challenges as well. The pressure of constantly producing content can sometimes be overwhelming, especially when balancing schoolwork and other responsibilities outside of social media. There are days when I feel burnt out or uninspired, but then there are moments where your support pushes me forward and reminds me why I do what I do.

Navigating through hate comments or negative feedback is never easy either. As much as we try not to let them get us down, they can still sting at times. But at the end of the day, focusing on spreading positivity and staying true to ourselves is what matters most.

I'm grateful for each one of you who supports me on this journey through every platform - whether it be TikTok, YouTube or Instagram - your love means everything to me! Thank you for allowing me into your lives and letting me share mine with you.

As we continue exploring these new platforms together, remember that authenticity is key. Stay true to yourself no matter where you are online because ultimately that's what makes our connection real and special.

Love always, Avani