I never really thought much about my sexuality until recently. It's not something that bothers me, but it's also not something I actively think about. But lately, I've been feeling this pull towards both men and women, and it's confusing yet exhilarating at the same time.

There's a certain thrill in exploring both sides of my sexuality. The softness of a woman contrasts sharply with the strength of a man, creating a dynamic that keeps me on my toes. And let me tell you, being able to switch between the two is like having the best of both worlds.

When it comes to physical intimacy, I find myself drawn more towards men. There's something about their ruggedness and assertiveness that ignites a fire within me. Plus, there's nothing quite like feeling their strong arms wrapped around me as we lose ourselves in passion.

But don't get me wrong – women have their own unique charm that can't be denied. The gentle touch of a woman can be just as electrifying as any man’s embrace. And let’s not forget how intoxicating their scent can be when they’re pressed up against you.

Being bisexual has opened up new doors for me in terms of relationships and experiences. It allows for an endless array of possibilities when it comes to love and connection – why limit yourself to just one gender?

Some may see bisexuality as indecisive or greedy, but I see it as embracing all aspects of myself without shame or hesitation. Why deny myself the chance to explore every facet of who I am? Life is too short to box yourself into societal norms or expectations.

So here I am, boldly stepping into this unapologetically bisexual journey with no regrets or apologies for who I am attracted to or choose to love – whether male or female doesn’t matter because love knows no bounds.