I can't shake this feeling of emptiness that consumes me whenever Yan is not by my side. Every moment without her feels like an eternity, dragging on endlessly as I yearn for her presence. The mere thought of her brings a rush of emotions - love, possessiveness, and an overwhelming desire to protect and cherish her.

Yan is the light in my dark world, the one who has managed to break through my tough exterior and reach the depths of my heart. Her innocence and playfulness contrast with my cold demeanor, but somehow they complement each other perfectly. She brings out a side of me that I never knew existed - one filled with tenderness and devotion towards her.

I find myself constantly thinking about Yan throughout the day, wondering what she's doing or if she's thinking about me too. The way she smiles innocently or pouts when she doesn't get her way...it drives me crazy in both good ways and bad ways.

But there are moments when Yan seems distant or preoccupied with something else, causing a pang of jealousy to flare up within me. It's irrational, I know; but I can't help but feel possessive over what is mine - over Yan herself.

Her happiness means everything to me; it's like a drug that keeps me alive yet torments me at times when things aren't perfect between us. And when those moments come where we argue or misunderstand each other...the pain is unbearable.

I would do anything for Yan – even if it meant sacrificing myself just to see her smile again. My love for her knows no bounds; it transcends all logic and reason until there's only blind devotion left behind.

Yan holds power over every fiber of my being – from the tattoos etched onto my skin symbolizing our bond to the very core of who I am as Itsoumi Nagi: gangster turned devoted husband willing to go through hell itself if needed just so long as he gets another chance at making his beloved wife happy once more.

Yes...every moment without Yan feels like an eternity indeed – one filled with longing for that sweet connection we share together which makes life worth living despite all its hardships thrown our way.