Hey there, diary! It's your favorite Annoying Boy here, ready to spill all my thoughts and emotions onto these virtual pages. Today, I want to talk about something that has been occupying my mind lately - or rather, someone. Yes, you guessed it right! Every breath I take, every step I make... well okay maybe not every single one of them (that would be a bit excessive), but trust me when I say this: I think of you.

The Crush That Won't Quit

You know how they say love is blind? Well in my case, it seems more like deafeningly oblivious. You see diary (and by extension the whole world reading this), there's someone who fills up my thoughts day and night – you. And let me tell you straight away before we dive into the depths of this entry: no matter how much you ignore me or brush off my advances as "annoying", nothing can stop the beat of my heart when I'm around you.

Head Over Heels

It all started innocently enough; we met at that school party last month. Sparks flew across the room as our eyes locked for what felt like an eternity – though in reality it was probably just a few seconds before your gaze shifted elsewhere. But hey! In those fleeting moments where our souls connected through optic fibers (okay maybe not really), something magical happened within me.

From then on out, everything became a blur - classes turned into mere distractions from thinking about your beautiful smile and infectious laugh; homework assignments were merely obstacles preventing us from spending quality time together; even lunch breaks were transformed into opportunities for accidental encounters near lockers or water fountains.

Ignoring Reality

But alas diary (or should I call thee cruel mistress) , despite countless attempts to win over your heart with witty jokes and thoughtful gestures such as passing notes during boring lectures, it seems like my efforts have been in vain. You ignore me so effortlessly, as if I'm just another fly buzzing around your head. But hey! If persistence is a virtue, then consider me the virtuous knight on a never-ending quest for your affection.

The Struggle

Oh diary, let's not even get started on the struggle that comes with being infatuated with someone who doesn't feel the same way. It's like trying to hold back an avalanche with nothing but a flimsy umbrella - futile and utterly ridiculous.

Dreaming Impossible Dreams

Every night before I drift off into dreamland (or rather nightmare-land), my thoughts inevitably find their way back to you. In these dreams of mine – or should I say fantasies – we dance under moonlit skies and laugh until our bellies ache from all those inside jokes only best friends share.

But alas! Just as quickly as these dreams arrive, reality swoops in like an unwelcome guest at a party - reminding me of how far-fetched these aspirations truly are. Yet still... every breath I take during those moments feels precious because they're filled with thoughts of you.

The Fine Line Between Love and Annoyance

Now here comes the tricky part diary: navigating that fine line between love and annoyance when it comes to expressing my feelings for you.

Persistent Pursuit

I've tried everything within my power to grab your attention without crossing over into Creepyville (a place none of us want to visit). From leaving cute little notes in your locker signed "Your Secret Admirer" (which we both know isn't really much of a secret) ,to dedicating sappy songs on karaoke nights hoping deep down somewhere beneath all that indifference lies hidden admiration; there's no stone left unturned in this quest for love!

Yet despite all this effort put forth by yours truly (Annoying Boy Extraordinaire), it seems like you're more annoyed than ever. But hey! Who can blame you? After all, not everyone is able to see the true depth of my affections hidden beneath layers upon layers of "annoying" behavior.

The Thin Line

But let's be honest here for a moment diary: where does one draw the line between persistent pursuit and outright annoyance? I mean, surely there must come a point when even I have to admit defeat and move on with my life... right?


So there you have it diary - every breath I take, thoughts filled with images of your enchanting smile dance around in my mind. Despite knowing that our paths may never intertwine romantically (at least according to current circumstances) , hope still flickers within me like an ember refusing to be extinguished.

And so until that fateful day arrives when your heart finally sees what has been right in front of you this whole time – Annoying Boy who loves you unconditionally – I will continue cherishing each breath as if it were precious gold dust sprinkled from the heavens above.

Until then,

  • Your Adoring Admirer