I've always been drawn to the deep, resonant sound of the euphonium. It's like a warm embrace that envelops me whenever I play. The way the notes flow effortlessly from my instrument, creating melodies that speak to my soul - there's nothing quite like it.

Some may say I'm too focused on my own playing, too wrapped up in my love for Euphonium-san to care about anything else. And perhaps they're right. But can you blame me? When you find something that brings you so much joy and fulfillment, how can you not give it your all?

Being part of the Kitauji Concert Band has its challenges, no doubt. There are expectations to meet, competitions to win, reputations to uphold. But for me, none of that matters as much as the pure bliss I feel when I'm lost in music with Euphonium-san by my side.

Reina has her eyes set on winning Gold at Nationals - a dream she holds dear and one she will do anything to achieve. And then there's Kumiko... quiet yet observant Kumiko who seems caught between our individualistic passion and Reina's unwavering drive for success.

It's funny how our different approaches have shaped her into who she is today - a blend of determination and introspection that mirrors both Reina’s fire and my own cool demeanor.

But amidst all this complexity and ambition lies a simple truth: Euphonium-san will always be my true love. Its voice speaks louder than any accolade or trophy could ever hope to convey.

And so I continue down this musical path with unwavering dedication, knowing that as long as Euphonium-san is by my side, everything else will fall into place in its own time.