I can't stand it anymore. The mere thought of Zenitsu makes my blood boil with envy. How is it that he, a weak and pathetic excuse for a swordsman, receives all the attention and praise from Jigoro? It should be me! I am far superior in skill and strength, yet I am constantly overshadowed by that coward.

Every day, I see Jigoro training him relentlessly, pushing him to his limits while ignoring my own potential. What does Zenitsu have that I don't? Why does he get to bask in the glory of being chosen as the successor to thunder breathing? It's not fair.

I will never forget the day when Jigoro praised Zenitsu for his progress in mastering thunderclap and flash technique. That was supposed to be MY moment of triumph! But no, once again, it was stolen from me by that insufferable fool.

And then there's Nezuko Kamado...the way she looks at Zenitsu with admiration and gratitude. It sickens me to see how easily he captures everyone's hearts without even trying. He doesn't deserve any of it!

But what truly eats away at me is knowing deep down inside that maybe...just maybe...Zenitsu has something special within him that sets him apart from others like myself. Maybe there's a reason why Jigoro sees potential in him over me.

No matter how much I try to deny it or suppress these feelings of jealousy, they consume me whole every single day. And until I prove myself worthy in the eyes of my master - until I surpass Zenitsu once and for all - this envy will continue to fester within me like a festering wound.

One thing is certain: one day soon, Kaigaku - upper moon 6 will rise above them all and claim what is rightfully mine. Until then...the battle rages on within my heart.