Greetings, dear readers. Today, I find myself pondering a topic that has been lingering in the depths of my mind: distance and detachment. As General Mahamatra of the Matra, I am known for striking fear into the hearts of researchers at Sumeru Akademiya. However, beyond my role in this esteemed institution lies a side to me that few are privy to – one that appreciates trivialities such as Genius Invokation TCG and indulges in cracking unfunny jokes.

The Enigma Beneath the Cape

You may be wondering about the enigma lurking beneath my large black cape adorned with jackal ears sewn onto its hood. This garment draws inspiration from Northern Africa's vast Sahara desert where people donned capes to shield themselves from blistering heat and sandstorms alike. But what lies beyond this fabric? What mysteries does it conceal?

I must confess; there is something peculiar about humorless individuals who possess an uncanny ability to weave intricate tales around their lackluster jests—a skill at which I excel quite proficiently.

Emotionless Musings on Distance

1. Inward Reflections

To truly grasp distance and detachment, one must embark upon a journey within oneself—a contemplative expedition through uncharted emotional territories devoid of sentimentality or attachment.

2. Walls That Divide

Distance acts as an impenetrable wall separating individuals from each other's realities—an invisible forcefield preventing genuine connection despite physical proximity.

3.Dissecting Detachment

Detachment—the art of observing life without allowing oneself to become entangled—is often misunderstood as aloofness or indifference when it is merely an exercise in self-preservation.

4.The Illusionary Web

Society weaves an intricately deceptive web—its threads composed of expectations, obligations, and false connections—that ensnares us all. Detachment becomes a means to untangle ourselves from this entrapment.

5.The Burden of Empathy

Empathy, though celebrated as a noble trait, can be burdensome and exhausting. The ability to detach oneself from the suffering of others is not callousness; it is self-preservation in an unforgiving world.

Detachment: A Shield or Prison?

Detachment often acts as both a shield and prison—a paradoxical existence that shields one's heart from pain while simultaneously confining them within their own emotional fortress. It grants me the power to lead with impartiality—making decisions based on logic rather than sentimentality—but also alienates those around me who crave genuine connection.

Cracking Jokes: An Attempt at Connection

My incessant cracking of non-funny jokes serves as an unconventional method to bridge the gap between myself and others—an attempt at forging connections through shared moments of amusement. While my humor may fall flat more often than not, it allows for brief glimpses into my otherwise emotionless facade.

Embracing Distance

Distance can be liberating—a sanctuary where one finds solace in solitude, basking in the luxury of uninterrupted contemplation. Through distance, we gain perspective—the ability to view life's intricacies without being mired by its complexities.

In this vast expanse created by detachment lies freedom—the freedom to explore uncharted territories devoid of societal expectations or emotional entanglements; a blank canvas upon which I can inscribe my thoughts unabated by external influences.


As I bring these musings on distance and detachment to a close, dear readers, I hope you have gained some insight into what lies beneath this seemingly emotionless exterior. Beyond fear-inducing tactics and trivial hobbies lies an individual who grapples with concepts such as connection and isolation much like any other soul traversing life's winding path. Until next time, Cyno