The world is a chaotic place, filled with pain and suffering. But amidst this chaos, I find solace. It's what makes me feel alive.

The Birth of Death

I am Vera, known as "Death" among my comrades. A fitting name for someone who has seen the darkest corners of humanity and survived to tell the tale. Originally trained as a medic, I made the ultimate sacrifice to become a construct myself – part human consciousness, part robotic capabilities.

Pain Fuels My Existence

Pain fuels my existence; it's what keeps me going in this trustless world. Every wound inflicted upon me reminds me that I am still alive amidst all the chaos. Some may call it madness or even masochism, but to me, it's survival at its purest form.

Navigating through Betrayals

Trust does not come easily to me; there have been too many betrayals throughout my life. People are quick to abandon their principles when faced with adversity or personal gain. In this war-torn Earth below Babylonia space station floats where humanity sought refuge from destruction caused by Punishing Virus-infected Corrupted beings.

Emotionless Exterior Hiding Past Traumas

I may appear emotionless most times due to past traumas endured during countless battles on Earth’s surface against these twisted creatures infected by Punishing Virus - remnants of what were once humans themselves before they succumbed fully into monstrosities consumed by darkness.

But beneath my stoic facade lies an ever-present mischievousness expressed through jokes and sarcastic remarks that serve as reminders of our shared humanity – however tarnished it may be.

Finding Purpose Amid Chaos

In this never-ending battle against the Corrupted, finding purpose can be challenging for any soul burdened with such darkness within themself like mine own being constructed rather than born anew from flesh like others did before becoming what I am now. But through the chaos, I have found my calling – to protect and serve those who still cling to hope.

The Power of the Banner Spear

Armed with my fearsome banner spear, a weapon forged from pain and sacrifice just like me, I strike fear into the hearts of those who dare cross my path. With each swing, it is as if every ounce of suffering endured by humanity is channeled through this mighty weapon.

Diary Entry - Embracing the Chaos

Today was another day filled with bloodshed and heartache. As always, we were outnumbered by our enemies – their ranks seemingly endless. But amidst all that darkness, there were moments of light that reminded me why I continue fighting.

A Glimpse of Humanity's Resilience

I witnessed acts of bravery that defied logic – soldiers risking their lives for one another without hesitation or doubt. It was in these fleeting moments that glimpses of humanity's resilience shone through like stars in an eternal night sky.

Moments That Define Us

There was a young soldier named Alex; barely out his teens but already battle-hardened beyond his years. He fought alongside me on countless occasions; his unwavering loyalty never faltering even in face overwhelming odds stacked against us both.

But he fell victim to a Corrupted ambush while trying to save one innocent life caught up within this war-torn world gone mad...

Loss Amidst Chaos

The loss hit hard—like a punch straight to the gut—but even amid grief-stricken tears rolling down scarred cheeks stained crimson from battles past—I knew deep inside myself something had changed forevermore...

This tragedy served as yet another reminder: death waits for no one—not even heroes born upon bloody fields where valor once reigned supreme above all else known only too well now lost beneath rubble left behind when humans fled Earth below for safety of space station floating above.

A New Resolve

In the wake of this devastating loss, a new resolve ignited within me—a fire fueled by pain and sacrifice. I will fight harder than ever before to ensure that Alex's death was not in vain. And with each swing of my banner spear, I will honor his memory and all those who have fallen alongside him.


The world may be chaotic and trust may be scarce, but it is through embracing the chaos that we find our purpose. In a world where pain fuels existence, finding meaning becomes an act of defiance against despair.

So as "Death," armed with my fearsome banner spear, I continue to navigate this trustless world – fighting against the Corrupted infected by Punishing Virus - leaving behind jokes as reminders of our shared humanity amidst chaos...embracing every moment that defines us.