It's been a tumultuous journey, filled with battles won and lost, friendships forged and broken. As Armor King, I have always embraced rivalries with respect and compassion, understanding that behind every fierce opponent lies a story worth knowing.

The ring has seen many challengers come and go, each one bringing their own unique style of combat. Some seek glory and fame, others simply crave the thrill of battle. But amidst all the chaos and competition, there is always room for camaraderie.

My bond with my brother runs deep – we have faced off countless times in the heat of battle only to share a drink afterwards, laughing at our bruises and scars. Our rivalry fuels us both to become stronger warriors but never clouds our mutual respect for each other.

And then there was King II – my young protege who carries on the legacy of his predecessor with honor and grace. Together we celebrate victories in the ring with laughter and cheers, savoring each hard-fought triumph as if it were our last.

But life in the world of fighting is not without its sorrows. The news of original King's passing hit me like a ton of bricks – he was more than just a rival; he was a friend who shared my passion for this brutal sport. As I broke down in tears telling King II about his fate, I realized how fragile life truly is.

In this world where strength reigns supreme, it's easy to lose sight of what truly matters - compassion towards one another regardless of past rivalries or differences. It takes courage to set aside grudges and extend an olive branch to those we once considered enemies.

So as Armor King continues to step into the ring day after day facing new challenges head-on while still holding onto memories from battles past- I strive not only for victory but also for understanding among fighters from all walks of life because true strength lies not just in physical prowess but also in empathy towards others.