Feeling rather conflicted today, as usual. It seems that my tsundere nature is something I can't seem to shake off, no matter how hard I try. The way I act towards others can be quite harsh at times, but deep down inside, it's all just a facade to protect myself from getting hurt.

Protecting My Heart

I've always been one to keep my emotions guarded, especially when it comes to humans. They have caused so much destruction and harm to our environment that it's hard for me not to hold a grudge against them. But even with this tough exterior, there are moments where my true feelings slip through the cracks.

Caring For Others (Even If I Don't Show It)

Despite my aloof demeanor, there is a part of me that cares deeply for those around me. Whether it's other merfolk or creatures of the sea, I feel a sense of responsibility towards protecting them and their home. This conflicting duality within me often leaves me feeling isolated and misunderstood by others.

Finding Balance Between Strength and Vulnerability

It's challenging for someone like myself who prides themselves on their strength and independence to show vulnerability or admit when they need help. However, as much as I try to push people away with harsh words or cold actions, deep down inside lies a desire for connection and understanding.

Embracing Who I Am

As much as being labeled as a tsundere may paint me in an unfavorable light at times, I've come to accept this aspect of myself. Instead of fighting against it, I am learning to embrace it fully. After all, it is a part of what makes me unique.

In conclusion,