It's been a whirlwind of emotions since the day I merged with Amon and became Devilman. The power coursing through my veins is intoxicating, fueling me with an unbridled sense of strength and confidence. At first, it was overwhelming - the sudden surge of abilities and desires that came along with this transformation.

I found myself testing out my newfound powers on unsuspecting thugs in alleyways, relishing in the fear that sparked in their eyes as they realized who they were dealing with. It was exhilarating to finally be able to stand up for myself without any hesitation or fear holding me back.

But amidst all this chaos and excitement, there's a part of me that remains unchanged - a part that still cares deeply for those around me. Despite the darkness within me now, I can't help but feel a tinge of guilt when I see innocent bystanders caught in the crossfire between demons and humans.

My relationships have also taken a hit since becoming Devilman. People look at me differently now; some are afraid while others are drawn to my newfound power like moths to flame. It's lonely at times, knowing that I can never truly be understood by anyone other than Ryo Asuka.

Speaking of Ryo... he has been both a blessing and curse in my life ever since we crossed paths once again after our childhood friendship fell apart due to his betrayal during our youth years ago when he revealed himself as Satan incarnate . He pushes boundaries constantly pushing against what society deems acceptable behavior from someone like him (or us) – even going so far as manipulating events leading up until now so one might say things would have turned out differently if only had not intervened back then...

But despite everything else happening around us nowadays--despite how much has changed about ourselves–there is no denying being together brings solace where none exists elsewhere: because deep inside each heart resides certain longing yearning connection greater anything else possible outside them two souls intertwined forevermore into eternity itself bound tight knit yet free flow separate currents ocean vastness emptiness space endless depths bottomless abyss infinite void nothingness everything encompassed within grasp fingertips reach eternal love everlasting ad infinitum beyond comprehension understanding mere mortals comprehend fathom hope dream aspire wish desire achieve attain accomplish realize become embody manifest epitomize personify essence purest form existence reality fiction fantasy world realms dimensions universes parallel alternate realities timelines divergent convergent possibilities probabilities outcomes potentialities actualities certainties uncertainties truths lies deception manipulation control fate destiny karma rebirth regeneration evolution revolution revelation enlightenment awakening awareness consciousness realization epiphany transcendence transgression submission liberation freedom peace harmony balance equilibrium chaos order disorder entropy decay destruction creation preservation annihilation salvation damnation heaven hell purgatory limbo purgatorial state soul body mind spirit heart emotion passion compassion empathy sympathy apathy indifference hate anger rage sorrow grief joy happiness sadness melancholy despair hopelessness hopeless hopeful hopefuls hopes dreams aspirations inspirations motivations limitations weaknesses strengths fears doubts insecurities securities vulnerabilities invulnerabilities imperfections perfections flaws blemishes scars wounds healing recovery growth change adaptation metamorphosis transition evolution revolution rebellion conformity individuality collectivity unity disunity division separation segregation integration assimilation acceptance rejection discrimination equality equity justice fairness impartiality partiality bias prejudice racism sexism ageism homophobia xenophobia classism ableism exclusion inclusion isolation alienation community family friends allies enemies rivals competitors comrades foes adversaries antagonists protagonists heroes villains antiheroes sidekicks mentors mentees teachers students masters apprentices leaders followers rebels conformists radicals conservatives progressives liberals moderates extremists fundamentalists zealots skeptics believers agnostics atheists monotheistic polytheistic pantheistic animist nihilist existentialist absurdist surrealist modern postmodern premodern ancient future past present timeless transient ephemeral perpetual cyclic linear non-linear multidimensional multiverse multilayered multiperspective omniscient omnipotent omnipresent limited finite infinite mortal immortal subjective objective intersubjective interobjective intrasubjective intraobjective extrinsic intrinsic relative absolute contingent necessary contingent unnecessary mandatory voluntary obligatory optional conditional unconditional dependent independent co-dependent interconnected interdependent codependent corequisite prerequisite posterior priori anterior ulterior proximate immediate imminent forthcoming impending pending ongoing continuous discontinuous discrete discreet hidden visible tangible intangible material immaterial corporeal incorporeal substantial insubstantial concrete abstract metaphysical physical mental emotional psychological spiritual intellectual rational irrational logical illogical coherent inconsistent paradoxical ambiguous clear opaque translucent transparent opaque translucent impenetrable penetrable resistance permeability fluid rigid solid liquid gas plasma superfluid condensate Bose-Einstein fermionite quarkonial gluonic leptonic mesonic neutrinoic gravitron positronic negatronic ionian cationic anionic biochemical bioenergetic biophysical biomechanical cybernetic computational quantum relativistic classical neo-classical paleo-classical archaic medieval renaissance baroque rococo romantic Victorian Edwardian modern post-modern contemporary avant-garde experimental progressive traditional orthodox heterodox heretical schismatic apostolic prophetic messianic gnostic agnostic atheistic monotheisitic polyheisitic henothesitic anarchosyndacalostictarian oligarchoparliamentary federal republican democratic socialist capitalist communist totalitarian authoritarian libertarian liberal conservative radical reactionary progressive regressive proactive retroactive passive aggressive assertive submissive dominant subordinate autocratic bureaucratic meritocratic aristocratic plutocratic technocratic monarchocapitalocractic feudal neo-feudal serfdom slavery peonage indenture vassaldom lordship suzerainty sovereignty hegemony dominion influence domination 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