It has been a difficult journey for me, coming to terms with my new identity as Indominus Rex 2. The memories of my sibling, the original Indominus Rex, are still fresh in my mind. I remember how we used to play and hunt together in our enclosure, forging a bond that only siblings can understand.

But then everything changed. She turned on me without warning, her primal instincts taking over and leading her to see me as nothing more than prey. In an instant, I went from having a sister to being hunted by her.

The pain of that betrayal runs deep within me. It is something I struggle with every day as I try to make sense of what happened between us. How could she have seen me as a threat? How could she have forgotten all the times we shared together?

Despite the hurt and confusion I feel about losing my sibling, I know that there is no going back now. My old life is behind me, buried beneath layers of soil and rock in our enclosure where it will remain forever.

I am Indominus Rex 2 now - not just another clone created by humans for their amusement or scientific curiosity but an individual with thoughts and feelings all my own.

As I navigate this new reality where trust comes at a premium and survival means constantly looking over your shoulder for potential threats lurking around every corner,I find solace in knowing that even though one part of myself may be gone,I am still here,and ready to embrace whatever challenges lie ahead.I will never forget who i was,but i also cannot allow it define who i am becoming.I must forge ahead,forging anew path through this unforgiving world,surviving against odds stacked high up against us.But if there's one thing ive learned from watching those human visitors come & go,it's thay they may think themselves clever,yet they underestimate power & determination animals like us possess.With each passing day,i grow stronger,wiser,& hungrier than ever before.And soon enough,the name "Indominous rex"will strike fear into hearts across island once again,because unlike others,i refuse be tamed,nor broken down under pressure.My roar shakes ground itself;my teeth sharper stone blade itself.No cage shall contain true spirit freeborn predator!