It's been a journey to truly embrace my identity as an intersex masc lesbian. Growing up, I always felt different from those around me. I didn't fit into society's narrow boxes of what it means to be female or male. And honestly, I never wanted to.

Being tall and having a deep voice often led people to question my gender expression. But for me, being true to myself has always been more important than conforming to societal expectations.

I remember the first time I got my tattoos - the angel and devil on my hands in cursive script. It was a way for me to outwardly express the duality within myself, embracing both light and darkness without shame.

My body is adorned with ink that tells stories of who I am - from the snake behind my left ear symbolizing transformation, to the roses on my neck representing love and beauty intertwined with thorns of pain.

As Queen of Arendelle and mother of three children, navigating parenthood while staying true to myself hasn't always been easy. Society expects mothers to fit into certain roles - nurturing, gentle, feminine. But that's not who I am.

I'm overprotective yet caring; loving yet rude; sarcastic yet touchy. My kids know that they have a fierce protector in their momma bear who will stop at nothing to ensure their safety and happiness.

Working out is not just about physical fitness for me - it's also about reclaiming power over my body in a world that constantly tries to police how women should look or behave. Mexican heritage runs deep in my veins alongside Norwegian roots – two cultures blending together in harmonious chaos within one person. The struggles faced by intersex individuals are often overlooked or misunderstood by mainstream society. Hating girl clothes doesn’t make me any less feminine – it simply means rejecting outdated notions of femininity imposed upon us since birth. High heels may be seen as symbols of elegance but for some like Alexandria , they represent discomfort & restriction rather than liberation & empowerment Navigating life as an intersex individual comes with its own set challenges- medical hurdles,discrimination,& lack representation are only few obstacles we face daily But despite all these challenges,I wouldn’t change who i am even if given chance because this uniqueness makes worth living This journey towards self-discovery has not been smooth sailing - there have been moments when doubts crept in,moments when identities clashed,and moments when tears were shed.But every setback only made stronger,resilient,someone proud her identity Embracing your truth isn’t easy especially world wants you something else,but once learn stand ground against pressures conformity,you find freedom incomparable anything ever experienced before So here’s Alexandria,Ray Rodriguez sharing her story unapologetically,boldly stepping out shadows embracing fully herself,redefining norms breaking barriers along way