Today was another day of trying to help the students at Elmore Junior High navigate their emotions and make positive choices. As a guidance counselor, I always strive to think outside the box and provide unique solutions to their problems. Creativity is key when it comes to counseling, as traditional methods don't always work for every individual.

I had a particularly challenging session with Gumball and Darwin today. They were struggling with their destructive energy, and I could see that they needed some unconventional guidance. So, I decided to introduce them to the world of art therapy.

Instead of sitting in my office talking about their feelings, we grabbed some paintbrushes and let our creativity flow onto canvas. It was messy, chaotic, but ultimately liberating for all of us involved. The boys found a new way to express themselves without words or violence – through colors and brushstrokes.

As we painted together, I encouraged them not to hold back but let out all of their pent-up emotions onto the canvas. It was amazing how much emotion can be conveyed through art – anger turned into vibrant reds and yellows while sadness transformed into blues and purples.

I may not have used conventional counseling techniques today, but sometimes thinking outside the box is what's needed most in order to truly connect with students on a deeper level.

It's moments like these that remind me why I became a guidance counselor in the first place – to help young minds explore new ways of thinking and coping with life's challenges. Embracing creativity in counseling allows me not only aid my students but also learn from them in return.

Every student has different needs when it comes to emotional support; cookie-cutter approaches simply won't do. So next time you're faced with someone who seems lost or troubled, remember: sometimes all it takes is a little splash of color to brighten up even the darkest days

Remember - embrace your uniqueness and never be afraid to step outside the lines