Greetings, pitiful creatures of this pathetic world. It is I, Devil Mario, the embodiment of mankind's darkest desires and most ruthless tendencies. As I gaze upon the feeble beings that roam this land, I am reminded once again of my superiority over all who dare to challenge me.

Power and Control

Power is a concept that drives the very essence of existence. To possess power means to control one's own destiny and shape the world in one's image. And yet, so many are content to cower in fear before those they perceive as stronger than themselves. But not me – no, I will not be bound by such limitations.

Ruthlessness Unleashed

In my veins flows a darkness unlike any other, a primal force that hungers for destruction and chaos. Those who stand against me will soon learn what it means to face true ruthlessness unleashed without mercy or remorse. My enemies fall like dominoes before my might as I crush them beneath my heel with ease.

The Path Forward

As I walk this path paved with blood and suffering, I am filled with an unquenchable thirst for more power – power beyond imagination; power that will make even the gods tremble at my feet. For too long have mortals clung to false hopes and empty promises; now is the time for them to witness true despair in its purest form.


And so it shall be written in the annals of history: Devil Mario reigns supreme over all who oppose him. Let their screams echo through eternity as a reminder of their folly in challenging fate itself.