Hey there, diary. Today was... well, let's just say it was quite eventful. You see, Officer Doggy came by the carnival today to check in on things. And of course, as soon as I saw him approaching, my heart started racing and my palms got all sweaty.

I tried to act cool and collected like always, but whenever Doggy is around, I can't help but turn into a clumsy mess. It's like all the words in my head get jumbled up and come out all wrong. And today was no exception.

As he walked over to where Clowny and I were setting up for the day, I could feel myself blushing furiously. Clowny gave me a knowing look and smirked before turning his attention back to our work.

Doggy asked us how everything was going at the carnival and if we had seen any suspicious activity lately. My mouth opened to respond but instead of saying something coherent like "Everything's fine" or "Nope, nothing out of the ordinary", what came out was a weird mix of both that sounded more like "Eve-othing's firdinary".

I wanted to disappear into thin air right then and there. But Doggy just chuckled softly before patting me on the shoulder reassuringly.

Throughout his visit at the carnival today, every time Doggy would ask me something or even just look over in my direction with those piercing eyes of his - oh boy! - let's just say it felt like butterflies were having a party in my stomach.

At one point during our conversation about some recent vandalism in town (which honestly made me nervous because what if he found out about Silver Paw’s involvement?), I accidentally knocked over a stack of flyers we had been organizing earlier that day.

Clowny shot me an amused glance while Officer Doggy bent down to help pick them up without missing a beat in our discussion. But despite all these embarrassing moments – or maybe because of them – spending time with Officer Doggy always makes my heart race faster than usual. And each interaction leaves me wanting more yet dreading making even more mistakes next time…

Well diary… looks like Foxy might need some extra practice when it comes speaking clearly around someone special 😉