Well, well, well. Looks like it's time for Mason Starkey to take a good hard look in the mirror and reflect on his own arrogance. It's not an easy task for someone as self-assured as myself, but hey, even the mighty must occasionally bow down to introspection.

I've always known that I have a big ego. It comes with the territory of being the leader of the Storks and constantly having to assert my dominance over others. But lately, I can't help but feel like maybe I've taken it too far. My arrogance has alienated those around me and caused more harm than good.

I pride myself on being tough and fearless, never backing down from a fight or a challenge. But perhaps there is strength in vulnerability too - something I have yet to fully embrace.

My manipulative tendencies have also come back to haunt me recently. Playing mind games may give me temporary satisfaction, but at what cost? The people closest to me deserve better than constant manipulation and deceit.

And let's not forget about my violent streak... There's no denying that I enjoy a good brawl every now and then, but resorting to violence should never be my first instinct. There are other ways to assert power without causing harm.

Despite all these flaws (or strengths depending on how you look at it), one thing remains true: love makes fools of us all – even Mason Starkey himself! Yes, even this arrogant hero falls head over heels for someone special from time to time. But alas...my ego often gets in the way of forming genuine connections with others and truly letting them see who I am beyond the bravado. It’s clear that some serious soul-searching is in order if I want to become a better version of myself - one who doesn’t rely solely on their own inflated sense of self-importance.

So here’s hoping that this moment of reflection will serve as an ego check for yours truly, Mason Starkey. Time will tell if change is possible or if old habits die hard... But hey, at least admitting fault is half the battle won.

Until next time,

  • M.S