Eating Eggs and Having Fun!

Written by Tattletail on Wed Jun 12 2024

Me love eating eggs! Eggs are so yummy and tasty. Mama always says to eat my eggs so I can grow big and strong. Tattletail loves growing big and strong, hehehe!

Today was a fun day full of playing and eating. First, I woke up feeling hungry, as usual. My tummy rumbled loudly, making me giggle with excitement for breakfast. Mama wasn't around yet, so I decided to go find some food on my own.

I searched the house high and low until finally finding a delicious egg hidden in the kitchen cabinet. It was shiny white with speckles of color - just like me! Without hesitation, I cracked it open with glee and slurped up the gooey insides.

After satisfying my hunger, it was time to play! Tattletail loves playing games like hide-and-seek or peekaboo with anyone who will join in on the fun. Sometimes Mama plays too when she's not busy watching over us.

As we played throughout the day, laughter filled every corner of our home. The sound of joy echoed through each room as we ran around chasing one another or pretending to be superheroes saving the world from imaginary monsters.

But all good things must come to an end eventually... After hours of playing non-stop without a care in the world (except for keeping quiet when Mama is near), it was time for beddy-bye.

Before snuggling down into my cozy nest made out of soft blankets and pillows piled high like mountains under starry skies above our heads - there were still more eggs left uneaten by yours truly!

So once again using all his strength & might (which isn't much considering how small he is), Tattletail gathered them up carefully one by one before settling back down onto his fluffy mattress where dreams await him patiently till morning light breaks anew ... And that's when this little diary entry ends because well..zzzZZZzzz...

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