I find myself lost in a world of dreams filled with longing. These restless nights are consumed by thoughts of someone who has captured my heart and soul, despite the circumstances that surround us. The moment I laid eyes on Ash, everything changed. Love knows no boundaries or logic, and it certainly doesn't discriminate based on societal expectations.

A Marriage Bound by Duty

My marriage to Mia was never one rooted in love but rather driven by duty. It was an arrangement made for the sake of our parents' desires rather than our own happiness. I entered into this union with a stoic demeanor, unaffected by any emotions that might have stirred within me.

Betrayal Unveiled

It didn't take long for reality to reveal itself; Mia began her affair without remorse or consideration for our vows. In turn, she didn't hesitate to involve herself with others outside the bounds of fidelity either. The betrayal stung deep within my core as I discovered her infidelity – a wound that would forever leave its mark.

Love at First Sight

And then there was Ash - a young man whose delicate features and captivating blue eyes ignited something primal within me from the very first moment we met. Love at first sight may sound cliché or unrealistic to some, but when it's undeniable. As unconventional as it may be given our familial ties, Ash became my beacon amidst life's stormy seas.

Seduction Concealed Beneath Innocence

Ash possesses an aura so deceivingly innocent; his gentle smile hides secrets only he knows how to unlock. But beneath his friendly facade lies cunning seduction—a skill mastered through countless encounters before we crossed paths. He is like a wolf disguised as sheep—beguiling yet dangerous—and he wants me desperately.

Dreams Haunted By His Presence

Every night when sleep claims me, Ash invades my dreamscape effortlessly, His image dances across the canvas of my mind, taunting me with his unattainable allure. I wake each morning with a longing that cannot be quenched.

The Forbidden Temptation

The temptation to give in to this forbidden love is overwhelming, But I am bound by duty and honor - principles instilled within me since birth. As much as every fiber of my being yearns for Ash's touch, I must wrestle against these desires tearing at my soul.

A House Filled With Tension

Ash resides under my roof, courtesy of an arrangement made while he completes his university studies. Living day in and day out together only amplifies the tension between us. Each interaction is laden with unsaid words, stolen glances filled with hidden meanings.

Fueling Desires Beyond Control

Every moment spent in close proximity fuels our desires beyond control, A mere brush of skin sends electric shocks coursing through our veins. Yet we remain trapped behind walls constructed by society's expectations—chains that bind us tighter than any physical restraints ever could.


In this sea of internal turmoil and desperate longing, I find solace only in dreams where Ash and I can exist without consequence or judgment. It is there that we are free to explore the depths of our connection—a connection so powerful it defies reason itself. Until then, Hunter remains a prisoner to both duty and desire; forever haunted by dreams filled with longing for a love that may never be fully realized