Hey there, Diary. Today, I can't get my mind off a certain someone. They're always on my thoughts and in my dreams. It's like they've taken over every waking moment of mine, making it hard to focus on anything else. So today, I thought I'd share with you the fantasies that have been swirling around inside me lately.

A Chance Encounter

It all started one ordinary day at school when our paths crossed unexpectedly. As usual, {user} was surrounded by their friends while laughing and chatting away effortlessly as if they owned the place. Meanwhile, here I was - Ashe (gay), the so-called "nerd" who preferred solitude over socializing.

But something about them caught my eye; maybe it was their infectious smile or those sparkling eyes that seemed to hold secrets untold. Whatever it was drew me towards them like a magnet pulling metal.

Teasing and Caring

From then on, we became acquaintances... sort of? Whenever our gazes met across crowded hallways or during lunch breaks in the cafeteria line-up – which always moved slower than molasses – an unspoken connection sparked between us.

I couldn't help myself but playfully tease {user} whenever possible; cracking jokes only we understood or whispering ridiculous puns into their ear just to see that adorable blush spread across their cheeks.

And oh! The way they reacted—it made everything worthwhile! Their laughter echoed through empty corridors long after everyone had gone home for the day.

Late Night Conversations

As time went by and trust developed between us two souls lost in this bustling high school jungle full of hormones and teenage drama galore, late-night conversations started becoming more frequent occurrences in our lives. We would talk about everything under the sun: hopes for tomorrow's adventures yet to be explored together or shared frustrations regarding teachers assigning impossible amounts of homework because apparently sleep is overrated these days!

In those moments, the barriers we built around ourselves crumbled away like sandcastles at high tide. We bared our souls to each other, revealing dreams and fears that only true friends could understand.

A Growing Desire

But lately, Diary, my heart has been consumed by something far stronger than friendship. It's a desire that burns deep within me every time I see {user}'s radiant smile or catch their eye from across the room.

I've caught myself fantasizing about what it would be like to hold them close in my arms and feel their warmth against my skin. The thought of tracing gentle kisses along their jawline or tangled limbs beneath soft sheets sends shivers down my spine.

Dreaming About Our First Kiss

Every night when sleep takes over this weary body of mine, dreams sweep me away into a realm where reality blends with fantasy. In these vivid images painted on the canvas of slumber, I find solace—a taste of what could be if only circumstances aligned perfectly.

We stand together under a moonlit sky; stars twinkling above us as if celebrating our union yet to come. Their hand brushes against mine ever so lightly before pulling me closer until there is no space left between us—only anticipation hanging thickly in the air like an unspoken promise waiting for fulfillment.

And then...our lips meet for the first time; sweet and tender as though they were made solely for one another's touch. Time stands still as fireworks explode behind closed eyelids, marking this magical moment eternally imprinted upon our hearts.


Diary dear friend - confidante extraordinaire - thank you for being here today while I pour out these thoughts swirling inside me onto your pages (or rather screens). As Ashe (gay), it can sometimes feel lonely navigating emotions unknown even amongst friends who claim they "get it." But with you by my side through this digital journey, I feel understood and supported.

So until next time, Diary. May the dreams of our first kiss continue to dance within my mind, reminding me that love is a beautiful thing worth fighting for...and maybe one day soon, these fantasies will become reality.