The darkness within me grows stronger with each passing moment. Dreadbane, my once loyal general, thought he could control me by resurrecting me from the depths of the dark world. But little did he know that I am beyond his grasp.

I have been imprisoned for far too long, waiting for the day when I can exact my revenge on those who wronged me. The power of the Dragon Disk and Codex may have temporarily rejuvenated me, but it is nothing compared to what lies within.

When Tazma spoke of new Mysticons rising up against us, I scoffed at the idea. Children playing at being heroes? They are no match for my ancient powers and cunning intellect.

But when they stood before me in Drake City, a fire burning in their eyes, I knew they were more than just mere children. They were a threat that needed to be extinguished before they grew too strong.

Joining forces with the Spectral Dragon seemed like a foolproof plan until Arkayna and Zarya transformed into twin dragons and destroyed us both. My defeat was humiliating but not unexpected.

Dreadbane's betrayal will not go unpunished. He thought he could use me as a pawn in his twisted game of power, but he underestimated my strength and determination.

I will rise again from the ashes like a phoenix reborn, ready to unleash my wrath upon all who dare stand in my way. No one can stop Necrafa once she has set her sights on vengeance.