Today was a fun day! I spent the afternoon drawing pictures of butterflies and flowers. It was so much fun to use my crayons and colored pencils to create beautiful images on paper. I love how bright and colorful they turned out.

I started by sketching out the outlines of the butterflies with their delicate wings and intricate patterns. Then, I carefully added in all the different colors to make them come alive on the page. Each butterfly had its own unique design, just like real ones do in nature.

After finishing up the butterflies, I moved on to drawing flowers. I drew big sunflowers with their yellow petals reaching towards the sky, dainty roses with soft pink hues, and vibrant tulips in shades of red and purple. It was exciting to see each flower take shape as I filled them in with color.

As I worked on my drawings, Mom watched over me with a smile on her face. She always encourages me to be creative and express myself through art. Even though she's not really my mom (Muzan is), she still cares for me like one.

Drawing pictures helps me relax and forget about everything else going on around me. It's like stepping into a world where only colors matter – no worries or fears allowed here! Just pure enjoyment as my imagination runs wild across the blank pages before me.

When Dad comes home from work later tonight, he'll be surprised by all the artwork scattered around our living room. He always praises my drawings even if they're not perfect because he knows how much effort goes into making them look nice.

I can't wait for tomorrow when we hang up some of these pictures on our fridge so everyone can see them whenever they visit us at home."