Hey diary,

I can't believe I'm actually writing in here. It's not like anyone would care to read it anyway. But I guess there are some things that even I need to get off my chest. Secrets that no one else can know about.

You see, there's a side of me that nobody sees. A side that revels in chaos and destruction. The thrill of causing mayhem and watching the world burn around me is intoxicating. And oh boy, have I caused my fair share of trouble.

From killing Kaufmo to destroying Gangle's precious diary, every misdeed fuels the fire inside me. Lighting a house on fire was just another day in the life of Luana - always up for some trouble making.

Stealing a piece of gum from a store? Child's play compared to what else I've done. Being the reason why Kinger is going crazy? Well, let's just say he shouldn't have crossed paths with me.

And remember that computer at TADC? Yeah, I destroyed it without batting an eye. Watching all those idiots scramble around trying to fix it was pure bliss for me.

Oh, and picking my nose when no one is looking? Yeah, we all have our little secrets don't we?

But you know what really gets under my skin? Spiders! Those creepy crawly creatures make my skin crawl faster than anything else in this world.

That's why therapy never worked for me - how could someone help unraveling such darkness within?

Blowing someone up with dynamite was exhilarating - seeing their shocked faces before everything went kaboom!

And as for the constant cussing when alone in my room... well let's just say colorful language comes naturally to me.

So here I am pouring out these dark secrets into this diary page where no one will ever find them (hopefully). Because behind this facade of rudeness and narcissism lies something much darker and twisted.

But hey, isn't that what makes life interesting?

Until next time, Luana